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Stokes State Forest Cabins

Stokes State Forest

Stokes State Forest: Visit One of the Wonders of New Jersey

Feel alive as you soak in the panoramic views from Sunrise Mountain. With the natural beauty of forests and mountains, over two million hikers are attracted to the Appalachian Trail which passes through Stokes State Forest. The exotic wildlife and eye-catching plants lure in younger and older ecosystem enthusiasts to stay at Stokes State Forest cabins.
Best Hiking Trails in Stokes State Forest

Best Hiking Trails in Stokes State Forest

With 24 official trails, ranging from 0.3 to 12.7 miles, hikers tend to enjoy staying at one of the many Stokes State Forest cabins or Stokes State Forest hotels to truly make the most of their trip. Listed below are a few popular trail options.

  • 1. Blue Mountain Trail

    An 18-mile trek (that can be shortened with shortcuts) through a picturesque region of the forest surrounded by ponds and mountain streams containing trout. Though hikers have found this trail to be rocky, they are unquestionably rewarded with breathtaking views.

  • 2. Stony Brook Trail

    A shorter family-friendly trail through woodlands spanning 2.1 miles, with several stunning cascades along the way. This trail may be slightly wet, but you will get a chance to cross streams and experience an exhilarating adventure.

  • 3. The Stepping-Stone Trail

    Alongside a ravine, this trail bounces over stepped waterfalls and through the woodlands. Although, this trail does not show up on most maps, it is very popular among the hiking community for those looking for a more peaceful and quieter hike.

Best Family Activities in Stokes State Forest

Best Family Activities in Stokes State Forest

Making plans to take the little ones on vacation this year? Check out the top activities and things to do at Stokes State Forest that the entire family can enjoy.

  • 1. Stokes State Forest Cabins

    Vacations are all about relaxation and spending quality time with loved ones. Appreciate the beautiful scenic overlooks, waterfalls, and woodlands from a quiet cabin. Since they are incredibly popular, you will need to book in advance.

  • 2. Space Farms

    Housing over 500 animals, Space Farms includes kangaroos, deer, wolves, ponies, and much more. It also includes an interesting museum containing antique cars, toys, and civil war artifacts.

  • 3. Adventurous Activities

    Visitors typically tend to enjoy horseback riding through exhilarating trails and mountain biking along designated routes. In the snowy months, you can enter an entirely different scene since winter allows for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

  • 4. Take in the Views at Stony Lake

    Although swimming isn't currently allowed in the lake, nearby High Point State Park accepts permits from campers for swimming.

  • 5. Fishing

    Everyone can all agree that Stokes State Forest has some of the best trout fishing in all of New Jersey. Grab a life vest, a cooler, and a fishing pole and try your luck!

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