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Niobrara State Park Cabins

Niobrara State Park

Niobrara State Park is a Great Destination for all the Family

Niobrara State Park Cabins are positioned close to the confluence of the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers. Discover the most complete fossilized Mosasaurus ever found in Nebraska or join in the Memorial through Labor Day Buffalo Cookout at the park. With summer swimming, fishing and horseback trails to enjoy, it's no wonder that Niobrara State Park Hotels are so popular.
Best Hiking Trails in Niobrara State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Niobrara State Park

Fourteen miles of trails wind through the landscape near to Niobrara State Park Hotels. With equestrian and cycling trails as well as footpaths, there are plenty of experiences on offer in the lush surroundings of Niobrara Park's trail system.

  • 1. Niobrara Loop Trail

    Despite attracting many visitors to the park, this two mile loop is sparsely populated with hikers. Leafy canyons and glittering waterfalls are found along the way. Dogs are welcome but must remain on the leash.

  • 2. Dune Loop Trail

    Follow this three mile trail atop the crests of dunes to the river. The path then winds along a forested valley towards the Visitor Center. This easy trail unfolds myriad scenic vistas and a variety of wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for migratory birds and darting deer in the riparian and forested areas.

  • 3. Horseback Trails

    Hike through whispering forests and prairies teeming with wildlife. The sound of your horse's hooves is the only thing interrupting the serenity. Niobrara Park supplies some of the most picturesque wildernesses in the state of Nebraska.

Best Family Activities in Niobrara State Park

Best Family Activities in Niobrara State Park

Children will be thrilled by the variety of adventure playgrounds near Niobrara State Park Cabins. There is so much more to experience with your family in this dynamic park. For instance, close by the park is the Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge, where you can meet a plethora of native species and take a selfie with them too.

  • 1. Canoe the Niobrara River

    Winding through some of Nebraska's most impressive scenery, canoe trips on the Niobrara River are an idyllic way to explore the park. Alternatively, why not float effortlessly through your scenic surroundings on a tube, or paddle in your own kayak?

  • 2. Family fishing trips

    Launch your craft onto the sparkling water and enjoy blissful family fishing trips on the lake. As the sun sets, you can grill your catch on the beach, or at a variety of grill areas throughout the park.

  • 3. Wildlife watching

    Grab your Junior Ranger Booklet to learn more about the natural life of the park. Your guide aids your family in identifying the species which populate the park and understanding their cycles and conservation needs. You can also stop by the Visitor Center on Saturdays for weekly ranger-led activities and wildlife talks.

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