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Indian Cave State Park
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Explore Indian Cave State Park on Your Next Vacation

From the prehistoric petroglyphs of Indian Cave, for which the park is named, to the spectacular views across the Missouri River, visiting Nebraska's Indian Cave State Park offers vacationers plenty to see and do. Indian Cave State Park cabins provide visitors with the chance to explore the park at their leisure, and enjoy a variety of family activities held throughout the year, set against the backdrop of a spectacular landscape.

Best Hiking Trails in Indian Cave State Park

Hiking in Indian Cave State Park is popular with visitors of all ages and experience levels, and the variety of trails means you can explore all facets of the park's picturesque landscapes. Indian Cave State Park cabins ensure you can easily choose the trails that best suit your group and discover the park at your own pace.

  • 1. Indian Cave Trail

    This 3.1mi. trail runs along the Missouri River and is popular among wildlife watchers as well as mountain bikers and trail runners. Rated moderate for difficulty, the trail is accessible in all seasons, although snowshoes are required in winter.

  • 2. Rock Bluff Run Trail

    Rated as hard for difficulty, this 6.1mi. trail has steep ascents and inclines but exceptional views. Plenty of birds and wildflowers can be spotted along this route in spring.

  • 3. Hardwood Trail

    Running a mile through several wet weather creeks, this trail is also rated as hard for difficulty and takes in amazing views across the Missouri River, before finishing at Indian Cave.

Best Family Activities in Indian Cave State Park

Families can expect a host of engaging park activities, from biking to historic sights. Indian Cave State Park hotels give you excellent access to the trails and make it convenient to attend the park's events and programs, held throughout the year, while you're on vacation.

  • 1. Horseback riding

    The perfect way to explore the park for aspiring equestrians, horseback riding is available during spring, summer, and autumn. Guided horseback rides are available every day.

  • 2. Schoolhouse

    While the children might complain about being taken back to school, once at the Indian Cave Schoolhouse they are sure to change their minds. Here, you can observe a variety of old-fashioned crafts demonstrations, and children will even have the chance to practice them themselves.

  • 3. Mountain biking

    With many of the hiking trails in Indian Cave State Park also used by mountain bikers, the whole family can discover the park's unique landscapes on two wheels. There are trails which are better suited to more advanced riders, as well as less challenging trails ideal for the little ones.

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