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Fort Robinson State Park Cabins

Fort Robinson State Park

How to make the most of your stay at Fort Robinson

Step back from modern day life with a visit to Fort Robinson, Nebraska. With 22,000 acres to explore, it makes for a popular outdoor holiday destination with plenty of activities and a history spanning hundreds of years. Enjoy a stay in one of the authentic Fort Robinson State Park cabins.
Best Hiking Trails in Fort Robinson State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Fort Robinson State Park

With a huge expanse of breath-taking pine ridge land to discover there are plenty of hikes to embark on by foot, horseback or bike across beautiful and rugged scenery. Pack plenty of food and water and bring your good boots as they will see a lot of use.

  • 1. White River Trail

    Walk across some of the old railroad bridges that once spanned the White River on this 4.4 mile trail that caters for all levels of hikers and mountain bike riders. The trail is also near the landmarks of Saddle Rock and Giants Coffins Butte which are worth a visit. A popular spot, the best time to visit is between March and November.

  • 2. Fort Robinson West Trail

    Near Crawford, Nebraska, this is a moderate 1.7 mile hike. The trail is looped and is ideal for hikers and horseback riders. The best times to make the most of the beautiful wild flowers that grow along the way is between April and September.

  • 3. Mexican Canyon

    As the name suggests, the 1.4 mile Mexican Canyon trail is truly magnificent. Ideal for all skill levels, the looped trail features a crashing waterfall and is one of the most scenic trails in the area. Visit between May and September for the best experience.

Best Family Activities in Fort Robinson State Park

Best Family Activities in Fort Robinson State Park

From swimming pools to cookouts, Fort Robinson offers a huge range of activities for all of the family to enjoy.

  • 1. Rodeo

    This is a great chance for families to see this American tradition. Offered on Thursday and Sunday nights for free and lasting an hour, the rodeo features bucking broncos and cattle roping.

  • 2. History Tours

    Take some time to explore the Fort Robinson History Centre. From Native Americans through to German prisoners of war, learn all about the extensive history of the area. With a horse-drawn history tour you can also visit some of the historic buildings around the site such as the blacksmith’s shop from 1904 and the prisoner of war camp.

  • 3. Post Playhouse

    During the summer enjoy some live theatre by Post Playhouse Theatre Company, Nebraska’s most popular theatre troop. During the summer, plays run six nights a week and offer matinees during the day. The theatre is located in the park itself making it convenient if you are staying in Fort Robinson State Park cabins or Fort Robinson State Park hotels.

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