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Chadron State Park
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Make Chadron State Park your nest holiday destination

Chadron State Park is in the north west of Nebraska and offers almost 1000 acres of Ponderosa pine forest landscapes, perfect for a get away from it all vacation with the family. Why not make the most of the swimming, tennis courts, hiking and fishing lagoon by staying in one of the Chadron State Park cabins?

Best Hiking Trails in Chadron State Park

Chadron State Park features an extensive network of trails, most of which are suitable for both hikers and mountain bikers. Many trails link with other routes in the wider National Forest area, widening the possibilities for an afternoon on the trails.

  • 1. Norwesca Trail

    This trail starts near the Chadron State Park cabins just off Highway 385. It is a popular choice with families as it offers reasonable easy walking and starts near the park's visitor center. Pick up a map from the park office to show where Norwesca Trail links with other parks and trails through the forest.

  • 2. Black Hills Overlook Trail

    If you are up for more of a challenge, this trail offers a 400 foot change in altitude along the 4 mile long trail. Start at the Overlook point and enjoy impressive views over the canyons and forests as you progress along the trail.

  • 3. Steamboat Loop Trail

    Although this trail is only a 1.4 mile loop, it connects with several other trails which can extend the walk considerably. A popular excursion is to climb to the top of Steamboat Butte, or take the opportunity to explore the nearby canyons.

Best Family Activities in Chadron State Park

Not everyone visiting Chadron State Park wants to spend their time hiking. Booking into hotels near Chadron State Park gives visitors the chance to experience everything else this huge park has to offer, whatever the time of year.

  • 1. Swimming

    The huge pool at Chadron State Park is the perfect place to cool off on a hot Nebraska afternoon. Dive into the water if you are brave enough, or just splash at the shallow end and enjoy the view over the forest.

  • 2. Fishing

    The pond at Chadron State Park offers fishing both from the shore or from boats. Staff in the visitor centre can give advice on where to go to have the best chance of striking it lucky and you can rent fishing gear if you haven't brought your own.

  • 3. Mountain Biking

    The trails in Chadron State Park and the neighboring National Forest combine to offer 100 miles of biking routes. Strap on your helmet, pump up the tires and set off into the forest. This is challenging terrain which offers routes to test even the most experienced riders. Beginners can stick to paved roads and still enjoy the freedom which being out in the forest on two wheels offers.

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