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Sam A. Baker State Park Cabins

Sam A. Baker State Park

Explore the Charming Sam A. Baker State Park

See the dramatic St. Francois Mountains, dip your toes in the St. Francis river, and explore the wonderful landscape of this state park. Get out of the city and venture to this great state park and stay in the nearby Sam A. Baker State Park hotels. This 5,323-acre park is ideal for visitors of all ages.
Best Hiking Trails in Sam A. Baker State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Sam A. Baker State Park

The ancient St. Francois Mountains offer a unique experience for hikers interested in exploring unspoiled landscapes. Fire Tower Trail features scenic views, Mudlick has a gorgeous woodland, and Shut-Ins trail is an exploration of the flood plain. Explore them all with Sam A. Baker State Park cabins.

  • 1. Fire Tower Trail

    Walk this old gravel path and take in the view of the St. Francois Mountains. It has a steep gradient above 10%. The fire tower is closed to the public, but, interestingly enough, it is still used to spot countryside fires.

  • 2. Mudlick Trail

    Explore the undisturbed Mudlick Mountain, and walk through the pines and gorgeous black oaks. The valley is filled with beautiful red cedar, but at 11.8-miles long it's not for the faint hearted.

  • 3. Shut-Ins Trail

    Traverse stone steps and walk through rich vegetation on this hike. Stop for a swim in shut-ins bluff hole and admire views of Big Creek from the Big Creek Overlook.

  • 4. Paved Bicycle Trail

    Mingle with other travelers on this multi-use hiking trail, ideal for hiking and biking.

Best Family Activities in Sam A. Baker State Park

Best Family Activities in Sam A. Baker State Park

There are some great opportunities to fish and canoe with the whole family on St. Francis River. Pick up a couple of souvenirs from the Park Store and enjoy the Sam A. Baker Visitor Center which is filled with great exhibits about the local wildlife.

  • 1. Fishing

    Try to catch smallmouth bass, blue-gill, and sunfish in the park. You can fish between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm and you can get equipment at the general store.

  • 2. Park Store & Grill

    Grab a bite to eat or search for some souvenirs to take home at this store and restaurant at the base of Mudlick Mountain.

  • 3. Activities on the Water

    Big Creek in Sam A. Baker State Park is great for kayaking and families can hire boats to enjoy the park from the water between spring and fall when the water level is high.

  • 4. Camping

    Take advantage of the Sam A. Baker State Park cabins and campsites available in this state park. Most have electricity, and you can enjoy the surrounding natural environment from the heart the park, building campfires and enjoying clear, star-filled skies.

  • 5. Visitor Center

    Find out about the geology and wildlife of the park with hands-on exhibits and talks open to all ages.

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