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Mark Twain State Park Cabins

Mark Twain State Park

Fabulous fun for all the family at Mark Twain State Park

Missouri's Mark Twain State Park is where hundreds of vacationers choose to spend their holidays. There are plenty of Mark Twain State Park hotels or cabins to choose from, and opportunities for boating, fishing, and much more. It's a fabulous park for kicking back and enjoying time with family or friends.
The Best Hiking Trails in Mark Twain State Park

The Best Hiking Trails in Mark Twain State Park

If you want to get out and enjoy the state's natural beauty, Mark Twain State Park has superb hiking trails for beginners and experts alike. Head off into the wilderness through grasslands or serene forests and climb a peak for panoramic views. Cozy Mark Twain State Park cabins will be waiting for your return.

  • 1. Barefoot Sam Trail

    A mere 15 minutes is all it takes to hike this loop, which is great for young kids. It's close to the lake, so there’s a chance to see different species of water birds.

  • 2. Dogwood Trail

    This 2.5-mile hike lets you wander through the woodland of oak-hickory trees or spy the area's dogwoods, which are particularly impressive in spring. Absorb the serene beauty around you.

  • 3. Whitetail Trail

    Hillsides and interesting rock cliffs await on this trail, where you can see how the water has carved the cliffs. Although this trail is short, you can add a section of the Dogwood Trail to your itinerary if you want a longer trek.

The Best Family Activities in Mark Twain State Park

The Best Family Activities in Mark Twain State Park

Mark Twain State Park is a great place for families, offering a wealth of activities. Whether you want to enjoy the great outdoors or relax with a picnic by Mark Twain State Park cabins, you can be sure of a wonderful time.

  • 1. Historic site tours

    Of the 36 historic sites here, 24 of them offer guided tours. From Mark Twain's birthplace to Civil War battlefields, visitors are granted a peek into history – spend an interesting and educational few hours wandering the area.

  • 2. Camping

    There are plenty of campgrounds to choose from here that are close to amenities but far enough away to get connected to nature. Look forward to a fun weekend fishing or swimming in the lake, ending the day with the delightful smells from your BBQ and the sounds of the forest to send you to sleep.

  • 3. Watersports

    There are loads of watersports at the park to keep everyone amused. Spend the day swimming in the refreshing water or bobbing around in a tube. Keen anglers can rent boats from the marina, and more active water babies can look forward to some wakeboarding.