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Paul B Johnson State Park
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Explore Mississippi's Beautiful State Parks

America's heartland boasts some of the world's most lush and vast forests – Paul B. Johnson State Park exemplifies this. Located near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Paul B. Johnson has hundreds of acres of pine trees and wildlife, perfect for family retreats and adventurous solo-hiking. If you are searching for authentic American beauty, there is no need to look any further!

Best Hiking Trails in Paul B. Johnson State Park

The campsite is conveniently equipped with Paul B. Johnson State Park hotels to prepare you to get lost in nature. From there, you will be sure to experience an eye-opening range of flora and fauna by simply walking through the recommended trails. This is sure to be a breath of fresh air for every nature-loving hiker.

  • 1. Geiger Lake

    Conveniently next to the Paul B. Johnson State Park cabins, the constantly buzzing Geiger Lake is a beautiful lake that is fit for every visitor to the park. The hike around the entire lake will take quite a bit of time, but it will guarantee a diverse-range of experiences. The trail around Geiger Lake is sure to be easy, accessible and enjoyable for all ages of visitors!

  • 2. Trail of the Southern Pines

    To get a bit more lost in nature, go to the Trail of the Southern Pines. The trail is known to be highly educational because of its well-marked paths and range of natural life. Ask for a brochure to detail all you will see on this trail; you don't want to miss out on any of what this trail has to offer.

  • 3. DeSoto National Trails

    Paul B. Johnson is well-located on the larger DeSoto National Park. These trails are perfectly suited for the more adventurous hikers.

Best Family Activities in Paul B. Johnson State Park

The state park will absolutely satisfy any family's needs. Located within short walking distance from the Paul B. Johnson State Park cabins, there are beaches, a giant lake, picnic pavilions, and even a disc golf course! This may be the one family trip where you can guarantee nobody will be bored.

  • 1. Picnicking

    Paul B. Johnson offers six picnic pavilions that make cooking, eating, and enjoying a family meal extremely easy. These meals are sure to be family memories for years to come.

  • 2. Disc Golf

    The Desert Fox Disc Golf Course is sure to challenge your family and also create a competitive family outing. This sport requires no experience and is sure to make a mark on any family trip.

  • 3. Fishing

    Catfish, crappie, and bass swim freely through the vast acreage of fresh water at Paul B. Johnson. Fishing is one of the great past times at the state park. Get ready to make some family memories out on the water.

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