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Enjoy Lake Grenada when you visit Hugh White State Park

Located in northern Mississippi, on the southern shore of Lake Grenada, Hugh White State Park is a popular vacation destination for visitors who enjoy watersports, outdoor swimming, and fishing. Named after a local politician, twice Governor of Mississippi, Hugh White State Park makes for a great choice if you want to enjoy outdoor activities in stunning surroundings.

Best Hiking Trails in Hugh White State Park

Stay in Hugh White State Park cabins and you can enjoy easy access to the many hiking trails which wind their way through the Mississippi countryside around Lake Grenada.

  • 1. Lost Bluff Hiking Trail

    This hiking path is within Hugh White State Park, and while some sections along the lakeshore are easy, there are stretches which can be quite steep as you climb to the bluffs overlooking Lake Grenada. The views at the top are well worth the climb!

  • 2. Old River Run Nature Trail

    A one-mile path with interpretive signs running from the southern spillway of the Lake Granada dam.

  • 3. Haserway Wetland Management Area Nature Trail

    The area below the dam has been set aside for nature management, and is home to several species including whitetail deer, bluebirds, and quail. Keep your eyes peeled while hiking on this route.

  • 4. Chakchiuma Swamp

    Follow one of the two trails which take you through the Chakchiuma Swamp area, where you can see lots of rare plants and flowers.

Best Family Activities in Hugh White State Park

Kids of all ages will enjoy staying in Hugh White State Park hotels, and experiencing the different outdoor activities on offer in the area.

  • 1. Boating

    You can take your own motor boat on Lake Grenada or hire canoes and kayaks locally if you want to spend more time exploring the lake. If you have a motor boat and want to go water-skiing, this is also allowed in Lake Grenada.

  • 2. Swimming

    Areas of Lake Grenada are set aside for outdoor swimming, and there are a number of pleasant beaches on the lake's shoreline. Spend some time relaxing while the kids enjoy the amazing experience of wild swimming.

  • 3. Fishing

    Lake Grenada is well known for its excellent fishing waters. Hire equipment locally or bring your own and catch something to take back to your Hugh White State Park cabins for dinner.

  • 4. Disc Golf

    Hugh White State Park has its own golf course, Dogwoods, if you are a fan of the sport. Alternatively, you can try something a little different; disc golf. This is a cross between Frisbee and golf, and there is a course at Cemetery Ridge within Hugh White State Park.

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