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Whitewater State Park Cabins

Whitewater State Park

Explore Scenic Whitewater State Park

Minnesota's Whitewater State Park is best known for its incredible wildflowers that blossom in late May. The 2,700-acre park offers a wide range of activities throughout the year and more than enough space to explore. In fact, you may want to spend a few days at one of the Whitewater State Park cabins to give yourself enough time to experience everything.
The Best Hikes in Whitewater State Park

The Best Hikes in Whitewater State Park

The park has three main hiking trails, with a few smaller trails leading to the park’s more secluded parts. The hikes range in length and difficulty, from easy to strenuous. To hike all the trails in the park, you may want to spend a few nights at one of the hotels by Whitewater State Park.

  • 1. Meadow Trail

    This one-mile trail is the park’s shortest and easiest. It’s relatively flat and guides hikers along the scenic middle branch of the Whitewater River.

  • 2. Trout Run Creek Trail

    This two-mile hike is the most popular trail in the park for a good reason. The trail provides a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside before descending to a small creek popular with fisherman. The valley at the bottom of the trail has some of the best wildflowers in the park.

  • 3. Coyote Point Trail

    This fairly strenuous 3.15-mile trail has hundreds of steps and gets very steep in sections. At points, you’ll be walking along narrow edges next to sheer cliffs. Needless to say, you’ll need to be fit for this trail, and it’s not recommended for young children.

The Best Family Activities in Whitewater State Park

The Best Family Activities in Whitewater State Park

Whitewater State Park is filled with fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, with swimming, fishing, hiking, and skiing. Take in some cross-country skiing and spend a few nights at rustic, winterized Whitewater State Park cabins.

  • 1. Swimming

    The park has a large, sandy swimming beach, making it an ideal summer getaway.

  • 2. Skiing

    During winter, families can enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the park. There are several routes suitable for novice skiers.

  • 3. Visitors’ center

    Here, you can collect free kits that will ensure the whole family has fun during your stay. Choose from fishing, birding, GPS, and kids’ discovery kits. The center has a discovery center with plenty of interactive displays.

  • 4. Fishing

    The park is a fisherman's paradise where kids can have fun learning to fish for brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

  • 5. Ranger program

    In the summer months, the park runs an extensive ranger program that includes guided walks and paddling tours, campfire stories, and star gazing. There is a special program for kids interested in conservation and the animals in the park.

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