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Voyageurs National Park Cabins

Voyageurs National Park

Spend Time on the Lakes of Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park cabins are a great destination if you enjoy yachts, boats or any kind of watersport. Over 40% of this Minnesota State Park is underwater; with vast lakes connected by rivers and channels, and plenty of space to explore this beautiful scenery.
Must-Do Hikes in Voyageurs National Park

Must-Do Hikes in Voyageurs National Park

Tempting as it may be to spend all your time in Voyageurs National Park enjoying a leisurely cruise on the water, there is much more to this park than its lakes and rivers. Head off on foot to explore some of the park's hidden treasures by following one of the many hiking trails – some of which can only be reached by water.

  • 1. Voyageurs Forest Overlook

    Starting with an easy hiking trail, this 0.5 mile route gives many visitors their first glimpse of the Voyageurs National Park after leaving the Ash River Visitor Center. Take some food and enjoy lunch with a view on the picnic tables at the viewpoint.

  • 2. Blind Ash Bay Trail

    This more difficult circular trail will take you around 3 hours to complete, and leads hikers along a narrow track through the heart of the forest.

  • 3. Black Bay

    Only accessible by boat, this rugged hiking trail is located across from the Rainy Lake Visitor Center, taking in an active beaver pond en route. During winter months, you can ski this trail instead of hiking.

  • 4. Cruiser Lake Trail

    One of the longest hiking trails in Voyageurs National Park, the nine-mile Cruiser Lake Trail can be accessed via either Rainy or Kabetogama Lake, and takes visitors into some of the most unspoilt areas of the park. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife including beaver, moose or even wolves.

Best Outdoor Adventures in Voyageurs National Park

Best Outdoor Adventures in Voyageurs National Park

Spotting wolves might be exciting enough for some visitors, but if you're looking for adventure, then the wild and untamed Voyageurs National Park makes for a great destination. Stay in one of the charming hotels near Voyageurs National Park and head into the wilderness.

  • 1. Winter sports

    Voyageurs National Park is perfect for winter sports enthusiasts, especially if you want to follow some of the summer hiking routes on your cross-country skis or on snowshoes. Equipment can be hired from the park if you want to head off the beaten track and explore in the snow.

  • 2. Wild swimming

    The crystal clear waters of the Voyageurs National Park lakes – Kabetogama, Ash, Crane, and Rainy lakes – are ideal for wild swimming. Cool down after a long hike in the summer months with a dip in the refreshingly cool water.

  • 3. Boating

    Bring your own canoes and kayaks or rent equipment from the park rangers. Spend your day paddling about on the lakes and their connecting rivers and channels, or use your boat to access some of the hidden corners of the park.

Best Family Activities in Voyageurs National Park

Best Family Activities in Voyageurs National Park

Kids of all ages will love exploring the vast spaces of the Voyageurs National Park. The fact that so much of the park is only accessible by boat only adds to the sense of adventure. Book a stay in one of the Voyageurs National Park cabins and embrace the great outdoors on your next family vacation.

  • 1. Guided tours

    Guided tours in Voyageurs National Park are very different from those in other parks. Rather than being guided on foot, your Voyageurs tour takes place on water, either in a large traditional canoe or a more modern engine-driven boat. Let the rangers take you to their favorite spots, where they can help the kids spot elusive wildlife.

  • 2. Star-gazing

    When the sun goes down, children and adults of all ages will be spellbound by the amazing night sky over Voyageurs National Park. You are miles from civilization here, which means there is no light pollution to spoil your view of the stars. Gather round the campfire outside your cabin and marvel at the spectacular view.

  • 3. Visitor Centers

    Voyageurs National Park has three visitor centers which all feature information panels about the park's wildlife and history, as well as activities for children to enjoy. At Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center you can watch a short film about the park, which will really help to bring the place to life for kids.

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