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Gooseberry Falls State Park
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The Best of Lake Superior in Gooseberry Falls State Park

Visit Gooseberry Falls State Park in Minnesota and marvel at the stone constructions made out of black and blue basalt. This scenic park along the shores of Lake Superior is a peaceful spot to explore on a getaway with family or friends. Gooseberry Falls State Park hotels nearby are a great way to soak up the atmosphere of the park in comfortable surroundings.

Best Hiking Trails in Gooseberry Falls State Park

Minnesota is known as the Land of the Thousand Lakes thanks to its watery landscape, so hiking here is a real treat. Enjoy the massive North Shore Trail that passes through this park, and find more accessible trails which cater to a range of abilities. Spend your vacation enjoying Gooseberry Falls State Park cabins which place you right on the trails.

  • 1. Gitchi-Gami State Trail

    This trial eventually connects with several state parks and other communities along its 18-mile route, and travels along the shore from Gooseberry Falls to Beaver Bay. There are some wonderful waterfalls along the way.

  • 2. North Shore Trail

    This massive 146-mile trail passes through Gooseberry Falls State Park. It is primarily for snowmobiles, but there are some wonderful sections to hike during the summer. This trail will bring you just to the rugged edge of Lake Superior.

  • 3. Wheelchair Accessible

    There is a wheelchair accessible trail that begins at the Visitor Center and goes for about a mile. It ends at the main Falls area.

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Best Family Activities in Gooseberry Falls State Park

The waterfall in Gooseberry Falls State Park is a must-see for visitors to the park, and there are many activities available for those who are traveling as a family. Gooseberry Falls State Park cabins make a great base for you and your kids to enjoy the activities available.

  • 1. Visitor Center

    The visitor centre is not just a place to get information about the waterfall and hiking trails, but to also catch educational short films about the state and its position on the mighty Lake Superior.

  • 2. The Waterfall Walk

    This is a fascinating walk that is full of activities to keep children amused. Look for hidden bugs on the River, Lake, Falls, & Forest art piece, see the waterfall at the Middle Falls viewing platform, and take a breath at the Trailside Bench.

  • 3. Wading Pool

    The waterfalls in Gooseberry Falls are a wonderful opportunity to go wading and looking for the stones as you hear the sounds of the waterfall. You can even find some round shiny aggots to ski along the sparkling surface. You can also catch a peek of the local sunfish.