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Wilderness State Park Cabins

Wilderness State Park

Plan Your Wilderness State Park Vacation

Located in Michigan's Emmet County, this is the Lower Peninsula’s biggest state park and spans a massive 10,500 acres. A stay at Wilderness State Park cabins involves an adventure in lush natural areas along with plenty of activities like camping, hiking, bird watching, and mountain biking. In addition, there is the 26-mile long Lake Michigan shoreline to explore.

Best Hiking Trails in Wilderness State Park base64Hash Best Hiking Trails in Wilderness State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Wilderness State Park

Avid hikers love this state park for the expansive network of trails that allow a glimpse at the local flora and fauna. Located conveniently close to Wilderness State Park cabins, there are several easy trails for amateur hikers to explore, too.

  • Pondside Trail

    If you are looking for a short and easy trail to hike with family, this is the one. Just 0.25 miles long, this trail goes around Goose Pond and has interpretive posts along the way. If you want to explore some more, the Pondside Trail also offers easy access to three other hiking trails.

  • Nebo Trail

    Among the most popular ones, this trail lets you take a side track to go up to Mount Nebo. Take your time to admire the panoramic vista from the top and make your way down a tree-lined path.

  • O'Neal Lake Trail

    A 13.0 mile-long loop, this trail is ideal for backpackers and campers. However, guests of all skill levels and ages can hike here. Camp for the night at the O’Neal Lake for a truly memorable overnight hike.

  • Red Pine Trail

    Traverse through lush forest lands, swamp areas, and small ponds on this pleasurable day hike. This 4-mile long trail is categorized as moderately difficult and is a good bet for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

Best Family Activities in Wilderness State Park base64Hash Best Family Activities in Wilderness State Park

Best Family Activities in Wilderness State Park

Open throughout the year, Wilderness State Park is perfect for family vacations anytime. Picnic space with grills, diverse biking and hiking trails, campsites, and beaches to swim and unwind in are just a few of the options here.

  • Bird watching

    The terrain and ample forest areas at this park draw hordes of birds. In fact, one-third of the country’s endangered piping plover habitats are located here. Spend a fun day identifying over 100 species of birds.

  • Camping

    Take your pick from over 270 campsites equipped with modern facilities for a wonderful experience with your loved ones. Campgrounds are open from April to December.

  • Snow activities

    For travelers looking for Wilderness State Park hotels for a winter stay, there are plenty of delightful activities in store. Six long miles of well-kept trails are perfect for ski enthusiasts. Snowboarding and snowmobiling are additional options that you can enjoy with your family.

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