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Oakland University
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Michigan's Oakland University highlights the arts

At accommodations near Oakland University, you'll find yourself surrounded by green spaces, parks, golf courses, and nature. The Detroit Metropolitan area is known for maintaining ecological diversity and its arts scene. Take in a concert or visit a gallery on campus.

Useful information for your visit to Oakland University

Oakland University's campus, filled with attractive parks and gardens, sprawls across the cities of Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills in Michigan. Staying at accommodations near Oakland University offers you the opportunity to browse the university's art gallery or be entertained at the Meadow Brook Theatre or Amphitheatre. You can also tour the campus.

  • 1. Meadow Brook Amphitheatre

    This outdoor venue is renowned for hosting music events under the blue sky. Guests sit on the sloping lawn to enjoy music of all genres, from country to rock,.

  • 2. Oakland University Art Gallery

    Set on the main campus, this gallery is open Thursday through Sunday. Check out its special events and exhibitions featuring contemporary works and other visual delights.

  • 3. Meadow Brook Theatre

    Across from the art gallery, you'll find the Meadow Brook Theatre. Founded in 1966, the small venue promises audiences a good view of the stage. Enjoy shows such as Arsenic and Old Lace.

  • 4. Michigan weather

    Warm weather between mid-June and mid-September gives way to dry but crisp winters in Michigan. If you're there after Halloween, carry a jacket to enjoy a stroll to nearby restaurants.

  • 5. Getting to Oakland University

    Just 35 miles from campus, Wayne County Airport has car rental services available. Buses run regularly, and you could even rent a bike for your local travels. Make sure to venture off campus to explore the attractive Paint Creek Trail nearby.

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