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Lakeport State Park Cabins

Lakeport State Park

Planning your Lakeport State Park visit

For campers looking for beauty, recreation, fun, and simplicity, Lakeport State Park is the perfect spot. The Park, located on the shores of the magnificient Lake Huron, consists of 250 breathtaking sites. For vacationers in search of fishing and boating expeditions, the park provides the ideal locations.

Best Hiking Trails in Lakeport State Park base64Hash Best Hiking Trails in Lakeport State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Lakeport State Park

Whether you are a nature-lover, a couple, a team, or an adventurer, Lakeport State Park has hiking trails to suit all skill levels.

  • Saint Claire Riverwalk

    Enjoy the one mile stretch along St. Clair River, a blend of tranquility and charm. The simple hiking trail allows you to be one with nature. The blue river walk begins at the mouth of the Black River up to the seaway terminal. The beauty and the cool breeze will refresh your mind, body, and soul.

  • Ruby campground single-track

    Among the most notable trails, this 4.1 mile trail is a relatively trafficked loop located in the Blue Water Area. The track is excellent for a mountain bike train or running from the fun little climbs and descents.

  • Bridge to bay trail

    The 54-mile paved trail is perfect for a run or walking your dog. The stretch begins from Lakeport State Park to New Baltimore. Enjoy the sun, blue waters and interact with locals along the trail.

Best Family Activities in Lakeport State Park base64Hash Best Family Activities in Lakeport State Park

Best Family Activities in Lakeport State Park

Lakeport State Park is iconic for family getaways whether you are on a day’s visit, camping expeditions or enjoying the Lakeport State Park hotels and cabins. The park provides the activities that let you unwind, bond and enjoy time together. Campsites, clean beaches and nature trails attract families all year long.

  • Public beach and swimming

    Located a mile from the campground; the white sandy beach is a ravishing site. Apart from the perfect blue waters, the area has swig nets, volleyball nets, and grills perfect for a family afternoon.

  • Camping

    Campsites are well maintained with the staff always ready to help. The park provides a peaceful and relaxing experience for families. Restrooms are cleaned regularly, and a convenience store is within reach.

  • Cabin camping

    When a family wants intimacy during camping, the Lakeport State Park cabins are the most popular options. The beautiful Lakeport State Park cabins are located just a few miles from the park with enough room to accomodate the travellers. The cabins are charming with hardwood flooring, electricty and panaromic views of the lake and the sky. Families can barbeque in the Lakeport State Park cabins on a lazy afternoon, while enjoying the views. The cabins are affordable, and the ideal family escapes. Likewise, Lakeport State Park hotels, give you the ultimate holiday feeling with windows that let the morning sun and nature views flood in.

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