Spring Break in California

Where to Spend Your Spring Break in California Without Breaking the Bank

Where are the best places to go for Spring Break in California? From surfing Santa Cruz's famous Steamer's Lane to skiing down the slopes of Mammoth Mountain, California offers a remarkable range of activities that make it an ideal Spring Break destination.

As the world's largest vacation rental search engine, HomeToGo has dug into our own data to produce an insights page about the most popular Spring Break destinations in California. By looking at advanced bookings for more than 50 Californian destinations that attract visitors for Spring Break, HomeToGo has been able to produce a shortlist of the top 11 Californian Spring Break destinations for 2018. Based on the anticipated number of visitors, we've also calculated how much vacationers staying in vacation rentals will spend in each destination.

Below, find out more about the immense number of tourists that visit California each year, the number of jobs that the tourism industry supports in The Golden State, the estimated spending by visitors to California, and the spending habits of visitors. This data was provided by the non-profit organization, Visit California.

The Impact of Tourism on California's Economy

California's 11 Most Popular Destinations for Spring Break in 2018

Tourist Spending Habits in California

The Best Californian Spring Break Deals

View of the pier rising above the sea in Newport Beach, California
View of the sea and nearby properties in Santa Barbara, California
View of Lake Tahoe, with its blue waters and forested surroundings

How We Produced These Insights Into Spring Break

*These estimates are based on: the number of listings on HomeToGo.com in each of the destinations; the average group size; average occupancy rate during Spring Break; average spend of a visitor when visiting California. Monitored time was a 6-week period, beginning March 3rd 2018 and ending on April 14th 2018. Visit California provided data on the amount spent by the average visitor to California, and the breakdown of what tourists spend their money on. Prices are per person, per night. 

For additional data or interview requests, please contact press@hometogo.com.