It’ll Be Ski Season in Snow Time!

You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a lift pass.

From Deer Valley to Diamond Peak, HomeToGo has done a deep dive into 35 of the best North American ski destinations to help you find where you can get the best bang for your buck this season. With plenty of affordable destinations and awesome rentals still available, there’s no reason to say snow to skiing this year!

With great powder comes great responsibility. We created the Ski Price Forecast that includes 35 resorts in 16 states across the USA and Canada. Forecasted prices for lift tickets and equipment rental for the upcoming 2017-18 season were provided by the resorts, and accommodation prices are based on HomeToGo’s own metasearch data.

We provide the information to give skiers the lift they need to choose an awesome winter getaway. With destinations included from all over the continent, this forecast leaves no one on thin ice. See below for a full methodology. It’s all downhill from here!

Ski Price Forecast 2018: Affordability Ranking

Skis in snow

Click here to download the Ski Price Forecast as an infographic.

Did You Know?

Icon Total number of visitors in the Vail Ski Resort
1,634,250 Total number of skiers that will visit Vail, CO, the most visited ski resort
Snowflakes depicting the sentence of snowfall in Jackson Hole
475 Average annual snowfall (in inches) at Jackson Hole, WY

Ski Price Forecast 2018: Featured Destinations

3 Popular & Affordable Snow Destinations

Crested ButteView of Crested Butte

Taos Ski ValleyView of Taos Ski Valley

BanffView of the Banff ski area



Total Cost = Equipment Rental + Lift Pass + Lunch + Accommodation

The official websites of each destination provided data on the price of ski equipment rental and lift passes for the upcoming 2017-18 winter season. The equipment rental price includes mid-level skis, boots, poles and a helmet for one day. The lift pass price is for one full day.

The lunch price includes a hamburger with fries and a soda at a mid-range restaurant on the ski slopes. The data was provided by online menus. The accommodation price is the average price per person to stay in a 4 person vacation rental found on HomeToGo in the resort, between the dates of December 16, 2017 and April 15, 2018. Our own metasearch data provided this information.

Please note that this is a forecast and that prices may change between now and the upcoming season. When prices for 2017-18 were not available from the resorts, we based our price forecasts on last season’s prices. Prices are excluding sales tax.