The Best Cities for the Fourth of July 2018

Ranking the 21 Most Popular Cities Based on Affordability

Where are the best cities to celebrate July 4th? From San Diego to New York, hundreds of towns across the United States celebrate the most famous date in American history by hosting popular public events. For large cities, Independence Day is about wooing crowds with extraordinary firework displays, designed to draw in visitors from far and wide. For smaller towns, it's about getting together with friends and families - and an opportunity to toast to the land of the free.

Where should you celebrate July 4th this year? HomeToGo has produced a guide to the best cities for 4th of July celebrations. Through our search data, we have identified the top 21 destinations for celebrating Independence Day this year. We dug into the costs of accommodation, transportation (gas), and party and picnic supplies (including food and drink, sparklers, and an American flag) in order to rank the cities from the least expensive to most expensive. Discover below the top cities for the Fourth of July, and see where you should travelto get the best deal. 

The Most Affordable Cities for the 4th of July

View of fireworks over the San Francisco skyline.

Where Do Accommodation Prices Change the Most on July 4th? 

Our research shows that, many cities see an increase of accommodation pricing around the Fourth of July. Surprisingly, some popular destinations for the Fourth of July get cheaper! Find out which cities you'll pay more in and which you'll save in for Fourth of July travel. 

View of an illuminated street in New Orleans
View of Lake Tahoe and its blue waters
View of illuminated buildings in Miami
View of San Francisco and the Oakland Bridge
View of the Chicago skyline at night
View of the Atlanta skyline

Where to Celebrate 4th of July on a Budget

San Antonio skyline at night
View of commercial buildings in Saint Louis
View of the Las Vegas Strip at night

How We Produced This Guide

We used research by a leading American personal finance website to determine what products are most commonly bought to celebrate the 4th of July. The shopping cart consists of:

Food & drink: 1/4 gallon milk, bread, 3 eggs, 1/4 lb bananas, 1/4 lb chicken, 1/2 lb beef, 1/4 lb cheese, 1/4 head lettuce, 1/4 pound tomatoes, 1/4 lb onion, 1/4 lb potatoes, and two domestically produced beers for one person. Prices were sourced from a leading online grocery store.

American flag: 3' x 5' polyester US flag. Sales tax included. Prices were sourced from a leading online retailer.

Gas: The cost of one gallon of regular gas. Prices were provided by AAA and were calculated on May 29th 2018.

Sparklers: Box of 10" color sparklers. Sales tax included. Prices were sourced from an online fireworks retailer.

Accommodation: Average price, per person per night to stay in a 4-person accommodation on the week beginning Monday July 2nd 2018. Prices were sourced from HomeToGo's own booking data for July 2018.

Estimated fireworks display attendances are based on last year's crowds that were reported by local newspapers in the respective cities.

All prices in USD. All prices were calculated in May 2018. For additional information and interview requests, please contact