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12 Travel Experts on Seeing the World From Their Couch

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of eager travelers to reconsider or flat out cancel their travel plans. Now everyone is trying to figure out how to scratch the travel itch while staying in isolation and obeying social distancing guidelines. So what can you do?

For some answers, we turned to 12 travel experts from around the globe to share their armchair travel tips.

Note: Neither HomeToGo nor the participants below are actively encouraging travel during the COVID-19 pandemic as we all do are bit and stay at home to help flatten the curve of the outbreak. For more information on travel restrictions during the pandemic, please refer to our page on travel and the coronavirus.

A photo of Lindsey Tramuta

Lindsey Tramuta - Author and journalist in Paris

“Travel isn't necessarily just about the physical act of transporting oneself but a state of mind. Experiencing wonder that takes you beyond the confines of your everyday environment, even if that wonder comes from a forest a few miles from home or in a cultural institution next door. One way for me to scratch that itch is through storytelling. Whether it's through reading a book that takes me and my imagination to an alternate 1980s London (Machines Likes Me) or to Wigtown, a coastal biblio-focused town in Scotland, where the very wry and amusing The Diary of a Bookseller takes place, or maybe through a podcast like Rough Translation which covers the way different cultures address similar issues, I'm able to feel like I'm truly out in the world.”

First post-pandemic trip? Lake Annecy in France’s Savoie region for its crisp, mountain air.

 Lindsey Tramuta (@lostncheeseland)

A photo of Katie Quinn

Katie Quinn - Food journalist and filmmaker in London

“I'm scratching the travel itch by doing something I never took the time to do when I was actually venturing all over the place––reading novels! I've so enjoyed escaping by getting lost in the fiction of books like The Paris Wife and The Memory Keeper's Daughter, which have taken me from Paris in the 1920s to Kentucky in the 1960s. It's reinvigorated my appreciation for fantastic storytelling.”

First post-pandemic trip? The Lake District for epic hikes and cozy pubs.

Katie Quinn (@qkatie)

A photo of Roshni

Roshni - Travel photographer in London

“Whilst in isolation, the best way I’ve found to satisfy my wanderlust is by designing and creating travel photo books online to be printed for my bookshelf. Over the last few weeks, I’ve managed to create more than 50 mini photo books. It’s been a great way to relive my travel memories.”

First post-pandemic trip? The Cotswolds. I’ll be travelling with my parents and sister, and enjoying a few days of family time, whilst getting back to my routine.

Roshni (@thewanderlustwithin)

A photo of Mike & Anne, Honeytrek

Anne & Mike - "The world's longest honeymoon" travel writers

"Most people would think being trapped indefinitely in a campervan would be a nightmare, but as full-time travelers, we couldn’t feel more fortunate. The nature of a camper is that unless you plug in (or have solar panels), you have to drive to keep the lights on. So whether we like it or not, we’re exploring the backroads and wilderness areas of Poland until the borders open. Being barred from the big tourist attractions, we’re reminded to appreciate the beauty in whatever comes our way."

First post-pandemic trip? Memphis, Tennessee! We can’t wait to see our sister and family there, plus they have one of the best music and food scenes.

Mike & Anne, (@honeytrek)

A photo of Kash

Kash Bhattacharya - Budget travel blogger in the Black Forest

“I've always been an armchair traveller, especially in my post university days when I was broke and holding down three jobs to pay off my debt. Food has always been a major source of happiness when I travel and I love to watch food travel shows to fuel my wanderlust and learn more about the food culture of a country. A great plate of food is like a virtual/time travel machine that transports you from your living room into a different universe.”

Food travel shows Kash is watching: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner from David Chang; No Reservations and Parts Unknown from Anthony Bourdain; Two Greedy Italians; and Mark Wiens’s Migrationology series on YouTube.

First post-pandemic trip? Hamburg for a boozy night out in the Reeperbahn, have a Fischbrötchen, and of course, enjoy an Astra in Park Fiction while enjoying the sunset over the harbor.

– Kash, The Budget Traveller (@budgettraveller)

A photo of Pip

Pip Jones - Affordable luxury travel writer in Wales

“I'm scratching the travel itch by cooking a variety of dishes from some of my favourite destinations. So far I’ve made Moroccan Lamb tagine, Sri Lankan Dhal curry, Spanish Gazpacho and Mexican tostadas. It's helping me feel a bit more connected to the world making international dishes and I am also learning new cooking skills during the lockdown.”

Pip's podcasts for trip planning: The Global Travel Channel Podcast, The Travel Massive Podcast, and Radio Vagabond.

First post-pandemic trip? Cambrian Mountains in Wales. After being inside for so long I am really looking forward to hiking and biking outside in the most beautiful scenery imaginable. They also have really unique places to stay in this part of Wales too including safari tents, wigwams, and converted barns.

– Pip (@pipsays)

A photo of Dayvee Sutton

Dayvee Sutton - National travel & lifestyle correspondent in Atlanta, Georgia

"Since being self-quarantined, I've loved exploring the virtual tours and experiences hosted by destinations. My favorite are those presented by the National Parks Service. I recently watched a Park Ranger from Yellowstone take us on Facebook to a location and they guided us through some of the cool things and fun facts."

First post-pandemic trip? I'm hoping in my car and headed to Hilton Head, South Carolina. I will get my fix of the beach and take a week at tennis camp.

– Dayvee Sutton, (@dayveesutton)

A photo of Lauren

Lauren Yakiwchuk - Travel blogger in Toronto

“Even though I'm at home, I'm still getting my travel fix! I’m reading my favorite travel blogs, as I'm continuing to plan my upcoming adventures for when it's okay to travel again. I also love cooking my own meals at home that are inspired by various cuisines from around the world, including countries that I've visited in the past, and I'm sampling new meals and recipes every day. I've definitely taken a few virtual tours and even ‘wandered around’ on Google Street View in places around the world to satisfy my love of travel.”

First post-pandemic trip? Hiking around southern Ontario. The Bruce Trail is my favorite in the province and I'd love to get back out there once it's safe to do so.

Lauren (@justinpluslauren)

A photo of Lauren

Skye Mayring - Travel journalist and producer in Los Angeles

“One of the best parts of traveling is trying different cuisines and experimenting with new flavors. And to that end, my partner and I have been eating the world on a plate. Sometimes, we’ll try to replicate a dish we loved abroad, like a madras curry, with spices I brought home from a previous trip to India. Other nights, we keep it simple (but fun)—like an indoor picnic fit for a Parisian, with French cheese, wine, a baguette and cornichons."

First post-pandemic trip? Joshua Tree for hikes, sound baths, and starlit nights.

– Skye (@joanjetsetter)

A photo of Alice

Alice Teacake - Adventure travel blogger in Kent for "solo kickass chicks"

Being home has allowed me to rummage through my belongings and get everything in order. In the process, I've discovered so many old travel diaries! I've been reading them all and relieving my my travels through Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Thailand's notorious Khao San Road."

First post-pandemic trip? Heading up to Scotland for some hiking and road tripping, no doubt.

– Alice (@teacaketravels)

A photo of Sophie

Sophie - Ugandan food writer and photographer in Jamaica

This lockdown has truly proven to me how important creativity and art is in our daily lives. Thanks to food blogs, I have been spending most of the time cooking my way around the world tasting and enjoying various flavors and textures of food. It is amazing what a mere dish can do to transport you to a completely new world! I have also been binge watching travel vlogs on YouTube and travel shows on Netflix such as Restaurants on the Edge, The World's Most Extraordinary Homes, Stay Here, and Chef's Table. When everything goes back to normal, I am definitely going to explore Ocho Rios, St. Ann with a few friends since we had planned this trip prior to the pandemic."

First post-pandemic trip? Ocho Rios since I had planned that trip prior to the pandemic.

Sophie (@akitcheninuganda)

A photo of Jenn Rice

Jenn Rice - Culinary arts and travel journalist in Raleigh, NC

"I've tucked away my passport but have started re-creating travel themes in my yard. An Italian trattoria with handmade pasta, the most perfect red sauce, Chianti, and Italian meats and cheeses was the first instalment. I played Italian music in the background and a friend and I enjoyed a beautiful lunch that, for a moment, transformed me to Italy. For Hawaii, I played the Beach Boys, made Kuleana rum cocktails, brought all of my palms and plants to the porch and sunbathed. And most recently, a country picnic on the front lawn with takeout fried chicken and Southern sides from Mandolin, in Raleigh. Themes are definitely something I look forward to and a beautiful travel escape during these weird times."

First post-pandemic trip? I'm excited to get back to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and hit Brevard for fly fishing and mountain time.

Jenn Rice, (@jenricewrites)