Connection Guide

For Partners not using HomeToGo Payment

I. Important Aspects:

Taking Traveler Payments

HomeToGo will send the credit card details of the guest to your Booking page in QuickConnect. The credit card details are available for 10 days. After 10 days the credit card details will expire. Please do charge the guest within this 10 day window. For the second instalment, you will need to collect the payment directly with the guest.

Enabling your offers

Start by enabling your properties via QuickConnect. A HomeToGo Connection Manager will check the connection and onboard you.

Boosting your Performance

Please fill out the number of bedrooms, number of guests, and property size (m² or ft²) for all of your properties so HomeToGo can match and rank your offers correctly. Also, please provide availability for the next 18 months. This will increase the visibility of your properties on our search page and help you receive more bookings.

Guests cancel directly with you

HomeToGo will display your cancellation policy when a guest books your listing.

Guests can cancel the booking directly with HomeToGo and the cancellation will be sent to you via API; please refer to guests who would like to cancel to do so in their HomeToGo customer account.

If you need to cancel a booking for any unforeseen circumstance, please contact [email protected] and we can assist you.

II. Connection Process:

Enable your offers in QuickConnect for HomeToGo.

A HomeToGo connection manager will onboard you.

The integration process is completed!

You will receive a confirmation email once your properties go live.

Note: We may reach out to perform a test booking before putting you live on the site. In this case, please provide us with the QuickConnect property ID and dates you would like us to use. However, please note that the total booking value must be less than $200.

Onboarding time: 2 weeks

The expected onboarded time starts from the moment the connection steps are completed and the offers are available in the feed.

How to connect?

Go to Add Channels in QuickConnect and add HomeToGo.

Go through the 4 steps in their checklist. Read and accept their Terms and Conditions and finish the last step by connecting your properties.

After you have connected your properties you will be able to see the connection in “My Channels”, “Property settings” in your connection list you will see the properties connected as ticked green.

III. Connection

  1. HomeToGo will pull all the information you have in QuickConnect.
  2. The connection is a two way ‘’sync’’. Bookings will block your calendar in QuickConnect.

What is synchronized?

  • Rates
  • Availability
  • All static content such as amenities, description, photos, etc.


Before you enable your properties for HomeToGo, make sure the price per night you have in your software is correct. HomeToGo will pull your nightly rate from QuickConnect. If you also have an option for extra guest fees, that will also be pulled from QuickConnect. The final price indicated in your software is the final price the guest pays so it is important your rates are set up properly in QuickConnect.

Accurate pricing is the responsibility of the provider. Should you encounter any issues with your rates not reflected properly on our site however please reach out to us at [email protected] so we can investigate any pricing discrepancies.

Simple Process

IV. Listing Criteria

To go live on HomeToGo, get a good ranking and receive more bookings you should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Company profile in QuickConnect needs to be filled in, phone number, email, etc.
  2. Property title without numbers and non-Latin characters
  3. Complete address and location
  4. Photos: a minimum of 10 photos in size 1024x768 (max 50)
  5. Amenities: a minimum of 10
  6. Description with a minimum of 700 characters
  7. Guests, bedrooms and bathrooms needs to be specified (at least one bathroom and at least one room)
  8. Property size (ft² or m²) needs to be specified
  9. Bedding info in each room e.g.; single bed, double bed, etc.
  10. Arrival instructions for the guest; check-in hours, phone number and email address.
  11. Prices and availability for the next 18 months
  12. Properties in instant booking only
  13. Capacity of at least one adult
  14. Complete Fees and Taxes mapped in QuickConnect for HomeToGo


Can I activate a few listings first and then the rest of my inventory?

We always suggest enabling your whole inventory on HomeToGo for maximum exposure and a higher ranking. 

Once my properties are live, how can I enable a new listing?

Once the new listing has been enabled for HomeToGo via QuickConnect, it will be listed automatically- no further action is required on your end.

How do I know if my properties are live?

Once you have connected to us via QuickConnect, you are directly placed in our Integration pipeline. You will receive further details from our Integration Team as soon as your properties are live.

Do I have access to a HomeToGo dashboard to manage my listings?

With HomeToGo, no need for you to connect to an extra dashboard! You can manage your properties directly in your QuickConnect dashboard.

How will I be invoiced?

At the beginning of each month, you will receive the invoice for the generated bookings with check-in date of previous month from HomeToGo. The payment period is 10 days and we accept payment via bank transfer.

How can I contact HomeToGo?

Note: For a speedy connection, it is important you stay in contact with us until your integration is complete. If you haven't received any communication from us during your integration, be sure to check your spam and junk folders just in case. Please be sure to add the correct email and phone number in the connection form where we can reach you to provide you with updates about your integration.