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Travel Insights & Analysis

Where is the cheapest destination to catch some winter sun? How much can I expect to spend on vacation? Where can I get the best bargains? Where are this year's most exciting destinations? On this page you will find data, graphics, and analyses that will help you answer these questions and more.

Where are the best ski resorts in North America? From Mammoth Mountain to Mont-Tremblant, HomeToGo has researched the price of skiing across the continent, taking into account the latest price increases for the upcoming 2018-19 season. 

How much does it cost a fan to follow their favorite NFL for an entire season, including home and away games? Discover which NFL teams are the best value to support this year, and which teams will cost you a pretty penny!

Where are the best state fairs in America? From coast to coast, state fairs are a popular annual event that bring excitement to towns and cities right across America. Check out HomeToGo's guide to the 21 best value state fairs in America. 

Where are America's best state parks? These awesome areas of natural beauty bring benefits to every corner of the USA. HomeToGo has produced the State Park Index, based on five key factors important to visitors, to help you find the perfect state park for your vacation.  

HomeToGo has created a special guide to 50 up-and-coming destinations around the world in which to celebrate Pride this year. Our final shortlist contains this year's hottest, trendiest destinations! Check out this year's ultimate pride guide here.