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Six Flags New England
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Have Endless Fun at Six Flags New England

A vacation rental near Six Flags New England gives you all the perks of home – privacy, comfort, and a kitchen – so pack your bags and look forward to a relaxed holiday!

Our Recommendations

Jump on a Ride
You’ll find thrill, family, and kid rides all over the park. You can't miss the New England SkyScreamer – the world's tallest swing ride – or Superman, a world-renowned roller coaster.
Visit Hurricane Harbor Water Park
Whether you want to zen out at Hurricane Bay or launch yourself down the Bonzai Pipelines, there's something for every visitor.
Enjoy the Entertainment
Take a photo of your kids with their favorite characters, be mesmerized by a spectacular light show, or watch a live concert – the entertainment never stops.

Useful Information

Food and Drinks
Whereas you aren't allowed to bring any food, drinks, or coolers into Six Flags New England, the park contains several places to eat.
You are, however, allowed to leave and re-enter without repaying as long as you have a hand stamp, making it easy to return to your vacation rental, eat a meal, and go back for more fun.
Parking and Directions
While parking isn't free, you can pay online in advance to reserve a spot. If you're driving instead of walking from your vacation rental, Route 159 will take you to Six Flags.
Peak Season
To beat the lines, visit the park on weekdays during the summer and any non-event day in April, May, September, or October.
If the weather is bad, several activities are still available. If most rides have to close for a long period because of severe conditions, you'll receive a return pass.

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