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Quabbin Reservoir Cabins

Quabbin Reservoir

The Best of Massachusetts with Vacations in Quabbin Reservoir

There are some wonderfully rustic Quabbin Reservoir cabins that are available in Massachusetts' largest man-made reservoir, only a short distance from the shore. Several towns were flooded to make space for the reservoir, but their foundations remain to be explored.
Best Hiking Trails in Quabbin Reservoir

Best Hiking Trails in Quabbin Reservoir

Quabbin Reservoir was created in 1930 and is fed by three parts of the Swift River. There are ample opportunities to hike along the 189 miles of shoreline

  • 1. Quabbin Reservoir Hiking Trail

    This moderate trail takes you along the beautiful lake and is particularly beautiful in summer. Dogs are not allowed in the reservoir and there are mosquitoes and ticks when the weather is hot.

  • 2. Quabbin Hill Trail

    Walk this six mile looped trail complete with diverse scenery and plenty of wildlife to spot along the way. Quabbin Reservoir cabins are located near or on this gorgeous route.

  • 3. Hank's Meadow Loop Trail

    Take this relaxed half mile looped trail. Take a picnic break by the reservoir or continue to walk along the rocky shoreline.

  • 4. Swift River Trail

    Feel the cool air run of the Swift River. Walk across the bridge on this trail and hear the gurgling of the run-off water from Windsor Dam. It is even better in winter.

Best Family Activities in Quabbin Reservoir

Best Family Activities in Quabbin Reservoir

Bring your family to Boston's primary water source and make it your primary source of fun. Go kayaking and cycling within the area of the reservoir and then pick up a book on its fascinating history in the visitor center. Quabbin Reservoir hotels in the surrounding towns are a great place to relax after an exciting day of activities.

  • 1. Kayaking on the Reservoir

    Private canoes and kayaks are not allowed on the Quabbin Reservoir due to invasive features which might be transported to the water, but there are ample opportunities to rent local equipment. They operate on a first come, first serve basis.

  • 2. Biking Tour

    Bring your family for a bike ride that can range from 62 to 125 miles in length. Enjoy exceptional views over the lake and some challenging hills as you explore the shoreline. Begin in Belchertown or Ware and loop the lake at your own pace. Make sure to stock up on supplies before setting off.

  • 3. Visitor Center Bookshop

    Introduce your family to quirky books about the Quabbin Reservoir and maybe pick up one for yourself to take home. The center features books on the area's unusual past, such as 'The Day Four Quabbin Towns Died' and 'Strange Tales From Old Quabbin.'

  • 4. Fishing

    If you're interested in fishing, then Quabbin Reservoir offers ample opportunities to drop a line. Pick up bait and tackle at any of the four Boat Launch Areas, and you have the opportunity to catch salmon, trout, perch, and bass.

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