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Mohawk Trail State Forest Cabins

Mohawk Trail State Forest

Mohawk Trail State Forest is a Memorable Vacation Destination for the Entire Family

Mohawk Trail State Forest cabins offer visitor the experience of a true wilderness. More than six thousand acres of plunging gorges, jagged mountains and old growth forests await you. Threaded with glistening streams, the park is named after a historic trail of importance to the Native Americans living nearby. Bordering the Connecticut and Hudson River valleys, the park is as spectacular as it is culturally significant.
Best Hiking Trails in Mohawk Trail State Forest

Best Hiking Trails in Mohawk Trail State Forest

The Mohawk Trail borders some of the most important fishing rivers in the state. Heritage runs through the region like the rivers themselves. These are some of the park's most popular trails:

  • 1. Riverside Trails

    A number of trails hug the river, taking in scenic vistas of the gorges and surrounding hikers with wildlife. Traversing the Hudson and Connecticut river regions, these river deltas affords hikes through some of the most impressive scenery in the state.

  • 2. Canoe Trails

    Experience the park like the Native Americans who once called it home on canoe hikes. Meandering through impressive gorges and dramatic mountain ridges, canoe hikes can be one of the most memorable ways to enjoy the park.

  • 3. Mountain Trails

    There are trails running for miles through this rugged landscape. Explore the park's varied landscape as you discover the historic region that connected the Connecticut and Hudson River deltas. Winter or summer, these trails supply breathtaking views of the park.

Best Family Activities in Mohawk Trail State Forest

Best Family Activities in Mohawk Trail State Forest

The Visitor Center explains more about the native species of deer, bobcat and black bear that roam the park's rocky landscape. Hike through three hundred year old woodlands, or splash about in the swimming pool.

  • 1. Fishing

    Trout fishing on the park's rivers and lakes is the perfect family bonding activity. Launch your craft onto the sparkling water and drift away into tranquil hours in the sunshine. You can grill your catch at a number of grill sites located throughout the park and enjoy open air dining with your family.

  • 2. Swimming

    Mohawk Trail State Forest hotels are ideally situated for family swimming in the park's lakes, rivers and swimming pool. The water in the river is cool and refreshing and while you can wade in the streams that feed their way through the forests, swimming is restricted to the designated area.

  • 3. Cross country skiing

    Come in the winter time and cross country ski through a snowy wonderland. There are plenty of trails through vast meadows and alongside the park's picturesque rivers to explore on skis or snow shoes. Mohawk Trail State Forest Cabins are a cozy and comfortable retreat in summer or winter.

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