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Bradley Palmer State Park Cabins

Bradley Palmer State Park

Unwind Amid Nature with Bradley Palmer State Park Cabins

Sunny meadows, blooming wild flowers, paths lined with pine needles, and various outdoor activities for all – these are just some of the things you can expect while visiting the Bradley Palmer State Park. This 721-acre park in Massachusetts is named after an attorney and it used to be his estate. Today, it is a much sought-after recreation destination for all travelers.

Best Hiking Trails in Bradley Palmer State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Bradley Palmer State Park

For all travelers who love exploring places on foot, the extensive network of trails spanning 20mi. in this park is welcoming. Whether you are backpacking solo or on a family trip, do not forget to plan a hiking trip during your stay at Bradley Palmer State Park Cabins.

  • Discover Hamilton Trail

    A popular trail within Bradley Palmer State Park, the DHT also passes through nearby places of interest such as Harvard Forest. Walk through wonderful wooded areas and large open spaces on this 8mi. loop trail and create unforgettable memories.

  • Bay Circuit Trail

    This is another recreational trail that is partially inside of Bradley Palmer State Park and joins the Ipswich River. A hike on this path will also take you to Blueberry Hill after crossing a wetland stretch with lovely scenery and wildlife. Do not forget to pack your camera to capture the vast meadows which provide a beautiful contrast to the clear blue sky above.

  • Bradley Palmer State Park Trail

    This loop takes hikers along the lovely Ipswich River. This distance of 2.5mi. can easily be covered in around 2 hours, making it perfect for a nice half-day hike.

Best Family Activities in Bradley Palmer State Park

Best Family Activities in Bradley Palmer State Park

Those staying at Bradley Palmer State Park hotels have plenty of activities to choose from, suitable for family members of various ages and interests. Pack some food and have an alfresco picnic or discover the many trails on mountain bikes. The state park also offers facilities for fun family activities.

  • Wading Pool

    If you love playing in the water with your kids, this shallow pool is perfect for splashing around in. Bathrooms, lifeguards, and lounge areas close by make the experience enjoyable for both kids and adults. Wind up the visit to the pool with a treat from the nearby ice cream truck.

  • Winter Sports

    Travelers visiting the park during winter months can enjoy miles of trails through nature and over unpaved roads that make for great cross-country skiing for the whole family. There are also snowmobiling facilities, if you need a change a pace.

  • Water Activities

    With the Ipswich River inside the park, you can enjoy everything from boating, canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing during your visit.

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