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Point Lookout State Park Cabins

Point Lookout State Park

Planning Your Visit to Point Lookout State Park

Point Lookout State Park was first described by Captain John Smith in 1608. It actually got it's name from its use as a lookout post during The British-American War in 1812, and has continued to be an important peninsula in this part of America. Take the beautiful trail through marshland, and enjoy the Point Lookout State Park cabins.

Best Hiking Trails in Point Lookout State Park base64Hash Best Hiking Trails in Point Lookout State Park

Best Hiking Trails in Point Lookout State Park

This scenic peninsula is a perfect place to go hiking. Whether you are looking for the perfect beach walk or a walk through the wilderness, Lookout State Park is full of marshland and native wildlife. The beachside Point Lookout State Park cabins are excellent to rent in the summer.

  • Point Lookout State Park Loop

    Go walk on this 3.6 mile looped trail and chit-chat with your fellow hikers and bikers. It is perfect for all skill levels and, along most of its length, it is within sight of the beautiful beach.

  • Point Lookout Railroad Trail

    Hike for 1 mile on this grassy trail. Maybe take a peek at the wonderful Civil War Museum at the beginning of this trail. Fragrant reeds and pines run along the side the of the trail. Some of the trail is waterlogged and has a perfect view of Lake Conay at the end.

  • Periwinkle Point Nature Trail

    This is a great walk through marshland, full of native species and wildlife. There are over 300 species of birds alone! Dogs are allowed but cycling is rather difficult.

Best Family Activities in Point Lookout State Park base64Hash Best Family Activities in Point Lookout State Park

Best Family Activities in Point Lookout State Park

Visit this civil war watch post and walk amidst history. There is also a large amount of Point Lookout State Park hotels for business travelers

  • Point Lookout Light

    Visit the lighthouse that was first created in 1830. It survived the civil war and there was even a prison camp right outside its doors. There have been rumors of paranormal activities that you can regale your children with. The lighthouse itself is only open during special events.

  • Point Lookout State Park and Civil War Museum

    Learn about the local history of Scotland Maryland during the Civil War. There are exhibits about the battle, about the local environment, and the history of prisoners. Take the walk through this quaint little museum and wander with your family amidst the artifacts.

  • Fishing in Point Lookout State

    Take your family to one of the three fishing areas that are open 24/7. The 710 foot fishing pier is a treat and bountiful with various types of fish. You will require a fishing license and the needed stamps.

  • Birdwatching in Point Lookout

    Watch out for songbirds, raptors, and the local shorebirds. You can even see some Purple Sandpiper at the jetties. Another great location is the Sandbar at Tanners Creek.

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