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Harford Community College
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Plan Your Trip to Harford Community College

Harford Community College first opened its doors to students in 1957. Today the college offers 61 associate degrees and 21 certificate degrees on its campus in Bel Air, Maryland. Some of the most popular programs include Liberal Arts and Sciences, Health Professions, and Business Management & Marketing, so if you're thinking about Harford, you're sure to find the right degree.

Useful Information for Your Visit to Harford Community College

Whether you're shopping for college or preparing for the school semester, staying with accommodations near Harford Community College make it easy to get around campus and experience the local atmosphere of Bel Air.

  • 1. How to Reach the School

    The nearest airport to Bel Air is Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. It offers both domestic and international flights. From the airport, it's just 38 miles to Bel Air. Taxis, shuttles, ride-sharing, and buses are common means to reach the college. If driving from Baltimore or Washington, use the Interstate 95 North. From Elkton, Wilmington or New York, take the IS-95 South to get to the school.

  • 2. What to See in Bel-Air

    The small town of Bel Air has two brewing companies; the Independent Brewing Company and the AleCraft Brewery. For history buffs, visit Tudor Hall which is the childhood home of John Wilkes Booth – the man who assassinated President Lincoln. Hays House Museum was the former home of Thomas Hays, “Father of Bel Air.”

  • 3. Family Attractions

    There are five parks maintained by the town of Bel Air where kids can run and play; Alice Ann Park, Homestead Park, Majors Choice Park, Plumtree Park and Rockfield Park. In addition to playgrounds and gardens, some offer picnic tables and sports facilities such as tennis or basketball courts. Adjacent to the town’s parks are county parks – Bynum Pond, Heavenly Waters Park and Kelly Field. They provide large ballfields, trail systems and sports amenities, among other facilities.

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