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Don Your Burgundy and Gold at FedExField

Visit FedExField, and you’ll soon be cheering for victory and singing "Hail To The Redskins!" A vacation rental near FedExField gets you and your family close Redskins gridiron action.

Our Recommendations

Pre-Game Partying at Bud Light Party Pavilion

The festivities start early when the Bud Light Party Pavilion opens three hours before kick-off. Rock out to a rotating selection of live music, fill up on some Redskin snacks and beverages, and put the final touches on your rendition of the team's fight song.

Get into Your Burgundy and Gold at the Hall of Fame Store

Fan commitment is strong at FedExField. You’ll want to gear up at the team store with pompoms, jerseys, and burgundy and gold caps. The Hall of Fame store has the variety that every member of your crew will need to fit into the jazzed-up crowd.

Root for the Home Team

On game day, you’ll be immersed in Redskins Nation and an unprecedented devotion to fandom. Hardcore, elaborately costumed fans such as the Hoggettes and Super Skin, Redskins cheerleaders, and the team's official marching band whip the crowd into a frenzy as the team dominates on the field.

Useful Information

Lap Passes

As FedExField wants to promote a family atmosphere, it offers families with children under the age of two free Lap Passes. The passes can be acquired by ticketholders on game day so that they may attend the game with their small children without having to pay for a ticket.

Stay Connected

Free Wi-Fi is available to visitors in all areas of the stadium. You can connect through the network FedExField.


Once you’ve entered FedExField through the ticket stalls, you will not be permitted to re-enter without paying again if you exit the stadium.

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