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Calvert Cliffs State Park Cabins

Calvert Cliffs State Park

Calvert Cliffs State Park: A Harmony of Forest, Beach, and Ocean

Calvert Cliffs in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, is an area of prehistoric natural beauty that offers visitors opportunities to take part in activities like hiking, bird-watching, and beachcombing. Whether you are seeking outdoor adventures or rest and relaxation, Calvert Cliffs State Park cabins and hotels offer the ideal base to explore this scenic location with unique geological cliff formations.
Finding the Best Hiking Trails in Calvert Cliffs State Park

Finding the Best Hiking Trails in Calvert Cliffs State Park

Five million years ago, the Calvert Cliffs area was a stretch of sea filled with species of mammals, fish, and birds. Today, the fossils of these animals form the 100ft-high cliff and the 0.75mi. beach. A network of interlinked, color-coded trails enables you to combine trekking through this unique maritime environment with exploring the wooded park that surrounds it.

  • 1. Red Trail

    This 1.8mi. trail begins at the service area and extends as far as the beach, providing elevated views of your surroundings as it takes place mainly on a boardwalk. Rest benches are provided, making it suitable for families.

  • 2. Orange Trail

    This 2.4mi. trek is the perfect rejoinder to the red trail, as it leads hikers back through the woods but on a different route. This area of forest is dotted with ponds, marsh, and swamps, and visitors report seeing animal tracks in the wet ground.

  • 3. The Cliff

    The 0.8mi. cliff trail begins near the end of the red trail and you will reach it once you arrive at the beach. The trail is recommended by bird-watchers, who have spotted bald eagles and ospreys.

Entertaining Your Family in Calvert Cliffs State Park

Entertaining Your Family in Calvert Cliffs State Park

The Calvert Cliffs resort provides absorbing activities for all of the family, such as fossil hunting, photography, and lounging on the beach. You can extend your outdoor experience by staying in the group camping area of the resort. In towns near Calvert Cliffs State Park, cabins and small hotels provide a variety of accommodation.

  • 1. Fossil Hunting

    Its prehistoric origins render the Calvert Cliffs beach an interesting natural feature to explore with all the family. Fossils that beachcombers have found include sharks’ teeth and the skeletal remains of rays and seabirds.

  • 2. Photography

    Because of the scenic environment of cliffs, forest, and seaside, photographs make picture-perfect souvenirs that you can take home from a trip to the resort. You may even capture images of the turtles reported to loll on the beach.

  • 3. Family Picnic

    Before or after entering the park and embarking on a trail, you can enjoy a picnic in the designated area and the children will love the playground. You can also relax on the beach while the kids make sandcastles.