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Planning your visit to Colby College

Nestled in central Maine's Belgrade Lakes region, and founded in 1813, Colby College is one of the oldest liberal arts institutions in the country. Spreading across 714 acres, Colby is renowned for its dynamic approaches to the educational programs and off-campus study. Boasting students from across the globe, Colby offers an academic curriculum that encourages excellent learning experiences with the help of world-class faculties.

Useful information for your visit to Colby College

Colby provides a rigorous curriculum and a vibrant environment for students that make the campus life fun and engaging. An accommodation near Colby College makes for a convenient base to explore the campus and facilities that this premier art college has to offer.

  • 1. Colby academics

    With low student-faculty ratio, Colby's academic calendar has two semesters including a "Jan Plan" winter session which provides students with an opportunity to choose a variety of courses such as research, internship, field study, or travel course. Students have the options to select minors or majors from over 35 academic streams at the college. The most popular courses include multi-disciplinary studies, social sciences, biomedical sciences, and literature.

  • 2. Colby College Museum of Art

    The Museum, which is Maine's largest art museum, acts as the venue for various exhibitions, educational opportunities, and intellectual events. It’s an ideal platform for intelligent thinking and thought-provoking interactions between faculty, students, and other community members.

  • 3. Campus life

    Colby's Campus life encourages students to engage in a plethora of life skills programs which include civic responsibility, human behavior, leadership quality, and healthy living. Colby has three separate dining areas for students; each offers unique menus to help the students decide where they want to have their next meal. Colby also offers state-of-the-art sporting facilities for the students on and off campus.

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