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Mackinac Bridge
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Mackinac Bridge – A Photographer's Dream

A vacation rental near the Mackinac Bridge gives you the unique opportunity to admire this suspension bridge. Connecting the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan, this marvel of engineering is a joy to behold.

Our Recommendations

Dawn and Dusk
The Mighty Mac, as it is also known, is best photographed against a dark blue sky.
Picnic by the Bridge
Bridge View Park is a great place to have a picnic.
The Mackinac Bridge is part of the Great Lakes Circle Tour, which offers many great hikes.

Useful Information

Finding the Bridge
Follow Interstate 75 or the North Country National Scenic Trail, which both take you right over the bridge.
If You Can't Do It Alone
If you prefer not to drive over the bridge yourself, just call the local drivers' assistance program, and they'll drive your vehicle for you for free.
No Walking or Biking
Whereas walking or biking on the bridge are not allowed, local transport is available for a small fee.

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