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Lake Claiborne State Park
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Visit Lake Claiborne State Park and Enjoy the Area's Outdoor Activities

Situated on the southern shore of the lake which shares its name, Lake Claiborne State Park is a popular vacation destination in Louisiana. Stay in Lake Claiborne State Park cabins and enjoy the experience of waking up each morning surrounded by beautiful Louisiana scenery, with views across Lake Claiborne and beyond.

Best Hiking Trails in Lake Claiborne State Park

One of the best ways to explore Lake Claiborne State Park is on foot, though some trails in the park are also suitable for mountain bikes. Make sure you explore the shoreline from the Lake Claiborne State Park hotels, as well as the bluffs which overlook the water.

  • 1. White Tail Hiking Trail

    Named for the whitetail deer which can often be seen in this part of Louisiana, the White Tail Hiking Trail is six miles in length – the longest hiking path in Lake Claiborne State Park. While some stretches are steeper than others, visitors of all abilities should be able to follow this pleasant route.

  • 2. Scenic Overlook Trail

    Make the steeper hike up to the Lake Claiborne State Park scenic overlook, where you can enjoy fantastic views across the water and surrounding area.

  • 3. Dogwood Nature Trail

    Hikers of all abilities can walk this easy nature trail route which stays close to the lake shore. Look out for rare plants and flowers, as well as birds and deer as you follow the path.

Best Family Activities in Lake Claiborne State Park

While many of the most popular outdoor activities in the park are based on and around Lake Claiborne – swimming, boating, and fishing among others – there is also more for families to do on dry land in Lake Claiborne State Park.

  • 1. Swimming

    Lake Claiborne is an ideal spot for some wild swimming. The pleasant sandy beach is a great spot to relax and the designated swimming area is out of bounds for boats, so kids of all ages can happily and safely enjoy splashing around in Lake Claiborne.

  • 2. Boating

    Elsewhere on the lake, boating is a popular pastime. You can hire paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks from the park if you want to head off and explore the lakeshore for yourself.

  • 3. Guided Nature Walks

    Learn more about the wildlife of Lake Claiborne State Park by joining the local park rangers on guided walks throughout the summer months.

  • 4. Disc golf

    Lake Claiborne State Park is home to two of the best disc golf courses in Louisiana. A mix between golf and Frisbee, this is a fun sport for all the family.

  • 5. Fishing

    Try your luck in the designated fishing areas of Lake Claiborne and see if you can catch some bass, catfish, or perch to take back to your Lake Claiborne State Park cabins for dinner.

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