Hotels and Vacation Rentals Near Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Visit Six Flags Magic Mountain for an Awesome Adventure

Voted one of America’s Theme Parks by USA Today, Six Flags Magic Mountain is the perfect destination for enjoying wonderful moments with your family. The thrills never end at this park, which boasts over 100 rides and 19 world-class rollercoasters. To make the most of your trip and have all the comforts of home, opt for a vacation rental near Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Our Recommendations


Climb aboard the swift and sturdy pirate ship, which will soon start rocking you rock back and forth, making you feel like you’re out on the rough sea. Hold tight!

Canyon Blaster

A classic Acme mining car will take your kids on a breezy ride through woodsy trails. This junior rollercoaster’s steepest hill is just eight feet high, so your little won’t be scared.


The all-wooden roller coaster will take you through some of the most insane turns and kamikaze drops as you dodge explosive wrecks – of course just make believe ones!

Useful Information

Pets Not Allowed

If you’ve taken your pet along on your family getaway, make sure to leave it at your vacation rental or make use of the park’s kennel services. Service animals are allowed inside the park.

Meal Ideas

Whereas you can’t bring in food from outside the park, you can choose from a huge variety of tasty dishes served in one of the many eateries inside the park. Options include Suzette’s Bakery, Panda Express, Johnny Rocket, and many more delightful restaurants.

Re-entering the Park After Exiting

If you need to leave the park for whatever reason, make sure to get your hand stamped at the exit/entry gate. If you don’t have a stamp, you’ll have to pay again.

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