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from $423
3500 ft² Apartment
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Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States
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from $157
1400 ft² House
4 2
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States
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from $117
1800 ft² House
10 3
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States
"Excellent" 10 reviews
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from $179
1290 ft² House
4 2
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States
"Excellent" 21 reviews
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from $201
2500 ft² House
12 5
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, United States
"Excellent" 6 reviews
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Popular rental amenities in Lincoln

  • Internet (73)
  • Parking (61)
  • Microwave (58)
  • Wheelchair access (45)
  • Pool (39)
  • Kitchen (39)
  • Pets OK (39)
  • AC (30)
  • TV (26)
  • No smoking (26)
  • Washer (21)
  • Dishwasher (20)
Accommodations can be chosen based on different criteria. Above, you can see the number of rentals that provide a specific amenity in Lincoln. You can easily compare and find a vacation rental matching your expectations in Lincoln if you need internet access during your vacation or you want to tune out with some TV time, as most accommodations provide "internet" and "TVs." Plan your vacation in advance if you want a rental providing a crib or you are looking for a pet-friendly rental. There are just 0 listed properties with "cribs" and 1 accommodations providing "Pets Allowed."

The weather in Lincoln

- Rainy days

Above are the weather conditions for Lincoln. In July maximum temperatures go higher than 89°. January is the coolest month, with average minimal temperature reaching 15°. The wettest month is April with 13 rainy days on average. On the contrary, there is an average of only 6 rainy days in November, which is the driest month.

100 among the 108 offers in Lincoln are hotel rooms. They account for more than two-thirds of the accommodation types in this destination (75.19%). Additionally, hotel rooms in this destination have an average price of $107 a night as well as an average size of 500 ft². Furthermore, if you are going in a group of 4, hotel rooms are the perfect type of accommodation in Lincoln, as they usually accommodate this exact group size. You can also search and find other property types in Lincoln. House rentals are, for example, another common type of accommodation in this destination, with 21 listed accommodations. The average size of house rentals in Lincoln is 1,500 ft², and the average price is $238 per night.

See another side of Nebraska with a Lincoln vacation home

Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska, is the state's second largest city. You can easily spend days exploring Lincoln's numerous unique museums, with nights spent experiencing local nightclubs, restaurants, and music venues.

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Art & Culture

Lincoln's unusual museums

Lincoln has a variety of themed museums, from tractors to roller skates! Arts and crafts lovers will enjoy the world's largest public collection of quilts on display at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum. If you want to learn about agriculture, you can visit the Lester F. Larsen Tractor Museum. Lincoln also has a venue to learn about the history of communication, the Frank H. Woods Telephone Museum. Other notable museums include the Museum of American Speed, dedicated to U.S. automotive history, and the National Museum of Rollerskating.


Lincoln Nightlife

Lincoln has a lively nightlife. If you are a fan of jazz and blues music, Zoo Bar is the perfect place to enjoy an evening. It also hosts an annual outdoor music festival called "Zoofest" that has been running for over 40 years. For visitors who love to dance, Rule G Night Club has a large dance floor, lounge area, and a rooftop patio. Duffy's Tavern is a fun place to play billiards, listen to live music, or simply drink a cocktail from a giant fishbowl. For visitors looking for a fun dinner out, Lazlo's Brewery and Grill is a favorite in the historic Haymarket District, while FireWorks Restaurant offers a menu of wood-fired specialities.

Local Attractions

Natural excursions around the city

When you want a break from city life, enjoy the natural beauty near Lincoln. The nearby Pioneers Park Nature Center is a wildlife sanctuary with eight miles of walking trails. Animal lovers will be eager to see the bison, owls, elk, deer, and turkey vultures who all make this area their natural habitat. Another lovely park near Lincoln is Holmes Lake Park, where visitors can enjoy walking, fishing, and kayaking.

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