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from $74
1000 ft² House
6 2
Laughlin, Clark County, Nevada, United States
"Excellent" 1 review
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from $356
1880 ft² House
11 4
Laughlin, Clark County, Nevada, United States
"Excellent" 37 reviews
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from $188
1700 ft² Apartment
6 3
Laughlin, Clark County, Nevada, United States
"Excellent" 33 reviews
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from $19
4 1
Laughlin, Clark County, Nevada, United States
"Outstanding" 77 reviews
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Popular rental amenities in Laughlin

  • Internet (15)
  • Pool (14)
  • Parking (12)
  • Wheelchair access (8)
  • Balcony/Patio (6)
  • Fishing (6)
  • Kitchen (6)
  • TV (5)
  • No smoking (5)
  • AC (5)
  • Jacuzzi (4)
  • Microwave (4)
Check above for the most commonly chosen filters in Laughlin and the number of properties that include them. Many properties in Laughlin provide "TVs" or "internet," which makes it a great vacation spot if you never miss an episode of your favorite show or you can't imagine a vacation without internet. Not as many accommodations in Laughlin are available if you enjoy soaking in the hot tub or if you want to sweat it out in a sauna as "saunas" and "Jacuzzis" are not very popular features in this destination.

The weather in Laughlin

- Rainy days

Above are the weather conditions for Laughlin. During June, maximum temperatures go up to more than 105° However, temperatures can go lower than 44° in Laughlin in December. According to the climate diagram, February is the rainiest month of the year in Laughlin.

Discover a different side of Nevada with vacation homes in Laughlin

Your vacation home in Laughlin will exceed your expectations, whether you choose a luxury apartment or simply enjoy the creature comforts of your own place. On your doorstep are deep gorges, giant dams and enormous reservoirs. Meanwhile, Laughlin's casinos offer the thrill of a big win night or day.

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Spend an evening in Laughlin's casinos

Try your luck at Tropicana, a glamorous casino overlooking the water. Enjoy endless entertainment, from sunsets on Victory Plaza to comedians at the Pavilion Theater and live music at Tango's Lounge. Eclipse and Grand Junction Bars serve up a great atmosphere along with a variety of cocktails and speciality drinks.

Local Attractions

Take the time to visit Vegas

Since you're in Nevada, it would be rude to pass up an excursion to the legendary Vegas Strip. The world's most famous illuminated pleasure ground, Vegas overflows with unique ambiance and decadent entertainment. Indulge at the roulette table, take a helicopter ride over the desert, or catch one of the many unforgettable shows - there's nowhere quite like Las Vegas.

Sights & things to do in Laughlin

Laughlin's grand attractions

Davis Dam

This dam on the Colorado River is 70 miles downstream from Hoover Dam and forms Lake Mohave. It serves to produce energy, and is well worth a visit if you're interested in engineering on this scale. Walk right up to the dam's walls and wander through the scenic park next door for further scenic views of this imposing edifice.

Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs

You've never seen anything quite like the petroglyphs that mark the rock shelters throughout this vast canyon. One of the United States' listed Historic Places, you'll find over 700 petroglyphs here, created between 1100 and 1900 AD. Though the area was inhabited by the Mojave, the glyphs' meaning is obscure - see if you can work it out.

Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area

One of Nevada's newest state parks, Big Bend wows visitors with its scenic views and incredible rock formations. Popular entertainment includes boating, fishing and swimming, plus shoreside picnics. From the coast, the mountains rise dramatically into the sky, dwarfing the kayaks that float on the water below.

Lake Mohave

This reservoir floats between the Colorado River and Cottonwood Valley. Nearly 30,000 acres of water are home to a large population of striped bass, which have become the favorite for fishermen on the lake. But there are other species too; bluegill, green sunfish and crayfish can all be found in the clear water.

Christmas Tree Pass

Take the 12 mile trip through Christmas Tree Pass and enjoy views of the Colorado River Valley and the endless Mojave Desert. The trail takes you through Lake Mead Recreation Area, and isn't far from Boulder or Las Vegas, making it the ideal road trip to or from your vacation home.

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