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Lake Allatoona

Discover a rental matching your preferences among the 6 beautiful accommodations from 10 providers in Lake Allatoona. By directly analyzing these vacation rentals, HomeToGo features the best deals as well as the highest rated properties in Lake Allatoona.

Popular rental amenities near Lake Allatoona

  • Internet (6)
  • Grill (6)
  • Kitchen (6)
  • TV (6)
  • AC (6)
  • Parking (6)
  • No smoking (6)
  • Microwave (6)
  • Fishing (5)
  • Washer (5)
  • Dishwasher (5)
  • No pets (4)
Accommodations can be filtered based on your personal preferences. Above, you will find the number of properties that include a specific feature in Lake Allatoona. HomeToGo's data highlights that "barbecues" and "internet" prove to be the most frequently provided features in Lake Allatoona. Not as many vacation homes in Lake Allatoona are available if you enjoy soaking in the hot tub or if you love sweating the stress away in saunas as "saunas" and "Jacuzzis" are not often available in this destination.

The weather near Lake Allatoona

- Rainy days

Above are the weather conditions for Lake Allatoona. In July maximum temperatures go higher than 87°. On the other hand, you could have temperatures dropping under 33° in January. The month of October has nice weather with only 3 rainy days.

In Lake Allatoona, house rentals are the most common type of accommodation. Interestingly, specific accommodation type, house rentals is $354 a night, with an average area of 3,200 ft². Furthermore, if you are going in a group of 11, house rentals are an excellent property type in Lake Allatoona, as they usually accommodate this exact group size. If you are searching for another type of accommodation, you can search many other options, such as boat rentals, which are the second most typical type of property in Lake Allatoona. These accommodations cost $233 per night on average and have an average size of 380 ft².

Get back to nature at a vacation rental at Lake Allatoona

A vacation to Lake Allatoona is the perfect way to get back to nature. Lake Allatoona cabins are often set in the privacy of the woods, in one of the area’s parks. With 12,000 acres of water and 270 miles of shoreline to enjoy, there’s plenty of opportunity for water-based adventure.

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Food & Drinks

Lakeside dining and traditional fare on Lake Allatoona

At the end of a fun day, it’s easy to find the perfect restaurant on Lake Allatoona. You’ll find several restaurants with views of the shoreline and excellent menu options, so you won’t go hungry. With dishes such as grilled steak, potted shrimp, crab legs, and nachos, you’re in for a treat when you spend your vacation at a Lake Allatoona cabin rental. Look forward to fantastic fish and seafood dishes, as well as regional food like fried chicken and cornbread, locally grown peaches, pecans and peanuts, and barbecued pork and grits.

Family Activities

Lake Allatoona with the kids: Japanese gardens and wildlife walks

Treat your kids to an unforgettable nature experience at Lake Allatoona. There are enough swimming, boating, and hiking options to keep the most energetic kids entertained. Home to bears, deer, wild turkeys, waterfowl, and small game, Allatoona Wildlife Management Area offers a wealth of excellent photo opportunities, and Gibbs Garden, with its Japanese gardens and flowered areas, is the perfect place for the family to unwind.

Rent a boat and take the kids out fishing, or head to one of the attractions in nearby Cartersville. The Booth Western Art Museum has a great selection of exhibits, while the Tellus Science Museum offers interactive fun for the whole family.

Local Attractions

Lake Allatoona's history and hiking trails

Just 40 minutes outside Atlanta, Lake Allatoona makes for a refreshing escape from the fast pace of city life. Rent a boat or jet skis from one of the area's marinas, hike along the picturesque trails that surround the lake, or enjoy a scenic picnic. Red Top Mountain State Park, once an important battlefield, is now a place of peaceful recreation, with all sorts of swimming and boating opportunities and stunning hiking trails.

Steeped in history, Lake Allatoona is the perfect place to learn about the Civil War and Native American history. Visit the Corps of Engineers Visitor Centre to brush up on local heritage. You’ll find information on the area during the Civil War, a multimedia presentation on Lake Allatoona, and information about the United States Army Corps of Engineers, which traces its roots back to the Revolutionary War. If that’s not enough history, there's a host of museums in nearby Cartersville.

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