Japan Honeymoon


Honeymoon in Japan: Top Destinations

Japan Honeymoon

As part of your honeymoon in Japan, walk hand-in-hand alongside pretty cherry blossoms and visit ancient temples. Dive into the glittering metropolis of Tokyo, where you and your partner will discover some of the world's most intriguing sights and sounds. As well as Tokyo's dynamic culture-packed city center, discover stunning nature and succulent sushi. Dive and surf off the tropical beaches of Okinawa, or ski in the pristine Japan Alps as part of an adventure-filled honeymoon.

Be enchanted on your honeymoon in Japan

Located on the island of Honshu and formerly the capital of Japan, Kyoto is a wonderful choice for a Japan honeymoon. A designated Place of Scenic Beauty, Arashiyama is a western district of the city and is home to countless temples and gardens, renowned for their otherworldly beauty. This is also where you'll find the breathtaking Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, the perfect setting for a romantic stroll. Another highlight of Kyoto is its Imperial Palace Park, where you can linger over a picnic for two against a backdrop of flowering trees and coy carp-filled ponds. Maruyama Park is another peaceful retreat in the city - each spring, the cherry trees here bloom in a sea of serene pink, which is easily one of Japan's most iconic sights.

A honeymoon in Japan can also be spent in the eclectic hub of Tokyo. Let your hair down in the bars and clubs of Shinjuku, and pass by the racy Kabukicho, Tokyo's famed red light district. Contrast that with a visit to the nearby Hanazono Shrine, which dates back to the 17th century. The famed Shibuya district, meanwhile, is a hub of contemporary Japanese culture and features the world's busiest street crossing - the Times Square of Tokyo, this intersection glows with giant screens, fast food signs, and fashion stores. The lights never go out in this downtown commercial Mecca where you can feel the city's beating heart.

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