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The University of Iowa
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The University of Iowa – nature, art, and culture

The University of Iowa is among the most beautiful campuses in the United States. Walk around its grounds, home to a garden, lake, and public art collection with some exceptional works. You'll find plenty of accommodations near the University of Iowa.

Useful information for your visit to the University of Iowa

The University of Iowa boasts a rich cultural heritage, landscape, and learning experience. From nearby accommodations, visitors can reach this extraordinary institution easily.

  • 1. How to get there

    You can travel either by air or land to get to the University of Iowa, and there's plenty of choice for different budgets. There are three airports nearby: Eastern Iowa Airport (CID), about 20 minutes’ drive to the campus, Quad City International (MLI), approximately 60 minutes’ drive, and Des Moines International (DSM), about 2.5 hours' drive. Greyhound and Burlington Trailways offer bus transportation as well as student discounts.

  • 2. Visiting programs

    The university offers tours for small and large groups. If you happen to visit when classes are in session, you could use the university’s free bus service. Download visitors’ parking guides and campus maps before your visit, and contact the university beforehand for auxiliary assistance such as signers or wheelchairs.

  • 3. Things to do

    Visit the University of Iowa Museum of Art and uplift your spirit with majestic art displays, and walk down the river to your nearby accommodation and enjoy the cool breeze. Rent a kayak or paddle boat if you fancy on-the-water activities at the lake, or watch a comedy show, play, or film screening at Englert Theatre. Art Building West is the perfect spot to unwind as you view the sunset.

Recommended Accommodations Near the University of Iowa

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