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Winter Sun Travel: Top Destinations

Finding your Next Warm Winter Destination

The winter weather can become unbearable during the holiday season. Travelers may be more inclined to find a destination where they can warm up under the sun as they wait for the cold weather to pass. There are many benefits to taking a winter sun vacation, including more affordable transportation and accommodation, as well as finding destinations less crowded than usual. Moreover, travelers will get to enjoy many activities during their winter travel, such as water sports, visiting historical and cultural landmarks, as well as tasting some delicious local cuisine.
Best Warm Destinations for Winter Travel

Best Warm Destinations for Winter Travel

Although there are many winter destinations that travelers may choose from for their next trip, these are a few of the top spots to keep in mind. Whether travelers wish to relax or explore, all of these destinations will grant every 'snowbird's' wish.

  • 1. Malta

    The stunning architechture and glamorous hotels that surround the country of Malta should be enough to trigger interest. Nonetheless, this country proudly boasts over 300 days of sun every year, and offers visitors the chance to discover its natural landscapes, dive through its crystal waters, and explore the ancient capital of Valetta.

  • 2. Cyprus

    Travelers with a strong affinity for nature will find that Cyprus is the right place for them. Visitors will be able to stroll around the wonderful coastal city of Paphos while wearing their summer garments - in the winter!

  • 3. Sicily, Italy

    The splendid region of Sicily is not only a must-visit place in Italy but the perfect winter getaway. Sicily is surrounded by the mesmerizing blue waters of the Mediterranean sea and its climate is sunny all year long. Travelers will get to indulge in amazing seafood dishes, arancini, pizza, calzones, and granitas, while they stroll around many of the ancient ruins and enchanting cities. Travelers are advised to visit the Temple of Concordia near Agrigento, take a day trip to the baroque town of Noto, and spend time visiting the stunning city of Palermo.

  • 4. Crete, Greece

    Nestled in between the Aegean sea, the island of Crete is one of Greece's most proud gems. Travelers wanting to find the perfect destination to go for a swim will find that the waters surrounding Cyprus are of ideal temperature all year round. Visitors may also take a day trip to Phalasarna if they wish to surf during their stay in Cyprus.

  • 5. Antalya, Turkey

    Found on the southern coast of Turkey, Antalya is an ideal spot for a winter sun trip. Visitors will be able to stroll through the old quarter of Kaleiçi, meander through the art scene at the Haşim İşcan Culture Centre and Antalya State Theatre, have a picnic on Karaalioglu park, and visit the ruined temples of Bodrum and Didyma on a day trip during their stay in Antalya.


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