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Wine Vacation: Top Destinations

Planning the Perfect Wine-Centric Vacation

A wine vacation means more than just tasting high-quality wine paired with local food. The importance of wine in culture can be found spread throughout the world, as well as throughout the ages. The beauty of a wine-centric getaway is that travelers can partake year-round, depending on their preferences. The months of May and June will bring fewer crowds and nicer weather, while September and October are perfect for the travelers that want to witness the harvest season.
Best Destinations for Wine Tourism

Best Destinations for Wine Tourism

Travelers can find many exceptional wine vacation spots all around the world that provide opportunities to become immersed in nature, admire stunning and one-of-a-kind scenery, as well as experience history. Here are a few of the best destinations to consider for your next wine trip.

  • 1. Alsace

    The Route des Vins is located in the Alsace region, and it is a continuation of the German Weinstrasse which was founded in 1935. This area is the primary terroir for Riesling. The vineyards are all surrounded by thick forests, charming villages and medieval castles.

  • 2. Chianti

    The Chianti region can be found between the two famous cities of Siena and Florence. Back in 1716, Cosimo III de Medici declared that this would be the only region that could produce the Chianti Classic with its local Sangiovese grape. Travelers will get the chance to enjoy Renaissance art and architecture, while also tasting some of the best red wine the country has to offer.

  • 3. Vayotz Dzor

    Archaeologists have discovered that the oldest winery in Armenia is over 6,100 years old. Following this premise, it is also believed that according to the Bible, Noah had planted the first grapevine in this area after the flood. Besides its rich history as a wine region, Vaoytz Dzor is also globally known for its Areni Noir.

  • 4. Rioja

    La Rioja is the main wine region of Spain, where travelers will typically find grapes such as the Tempranillo, Grenache, Graciano and Mazuelo. Although this region is commonly known around the world for its red wines, La Rioja also offers a few white wines produced in this terroir. Visitors must have some of the typical tapas while enjoying a wine tour in La Rioja.

  • 5. Santorini

    The stunning island of Santorini is not the first place one would think of visiting for a wine-centric vacation. Regardless, Santorini is home to a mixture of red and white indigenous types of grapes such as the Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandalieria, and Mavrotragano. Travelers will be able to enjoy the clear water and sunny skies, as well as the mesmerizing blue and white architecture, all while sipping on a nice glass of Santorini wine.


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