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Spa Vacations: Top Destinations

Splurge on a Spa Vacation Getaway for Yourself

Once you have decided on a weekend spa vacation, the next step is deciding where to go – mountains? Desert? Beach? Are you looking for healthy spa vacations where you can indulge your love of yoga and clean eating, or do you prefer romantic spa vacations with your loved ones, eating good food, taking walks at sunset, and wandering around a busy city center? You can find all of this and more in multiple states across the United States, including California, Colorado, and Florida.
Daydream About A Relaxing Getaway

Daydream About A Relaxing Getaway

California Getaways

California brings to mind sun, surf, and healthy living, but California is also home to a diverse landscape that offers a variety of choices for travelers.

A mountain getaway weekend could encompass hiking, being pampered at a spa, or eating delicious food and experiencing a vacation loved ones. When planning your weekend, explore Lake Tahoe as a potential travel destination. Another spectacular mountain destination to explore is Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, located an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles in Southern California. Both of these locations present multiple opportunities for travelers to create their tailor-made spa getaway.

Colorado Wellness Holiday

Colorado offers amazing scenery; from lakeside views to soaring mountaintops and the beautiful valleys in between. Colorado offers something for everyone. In Boulder, you can access world-class rock climbing, hiking, and an amazing city with wonderful food and artisan coffee shops. Boulder also has a lively alternative health scene, offering up vegan restaurants, yoga weekend retreats, and Ayurvedic health spas specializing in health-oriented packages.

Wellness Around the World - HomeToGo

Wellness Around the World

What are the little things that make you happy? Is it spending time with loved ones, or spending time alone in nature? Is it losing yourself as you dance to music, or finding yourself while quietly meditating? The secret to happiness is actually all of these things and more, and it varies from country to country and culture to culture.

Despite the many differences in what constitutes happiness in countries around the world, there are some common threads. The most notable has to do with material wealth: Few, if any, people around the globe find happiness through personal possessions and financial success. Rather, they tend to attain it by appreciating the little things in life and, more importantly, the people in their lives.

Here are some of the secrets to happiness, from a variety of countries around the world, and the research behind why they work for the people who practice them. So read on, and find a multicultural approach to happiness!

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