Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways: Top Destinations

Why You Should Consider A Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway is the ideal holiday for those on a busy schedule and a tight budget. Two to three days of vacation is enough to relax without draining your wallet. Short breaks allow you to discover what you really enjoy, inspiring future trips.

Lone rangers

If it's just you looking to get away, weekend getaways on the beach or enjoying a vibrant city atmosphere are rewarding options. Florida is known for its white sand beaches with on-site bars and restaurants. Florida's beachside cities also have thriving downtown scenes. Chicago is likewise a popular city break destination in summer because of its festivals, diverse restaurants and unique cultural tours. Locations like these are ideal for couples and single travelers who want to treat themselves.A family affairA family getaway is best when it's packed with activities. Destinations like Texas offer theme parks, water parks, hiking and camping grounds in extremely diverse landscapes, from the Great Plains and Coastal Plains to towering mountains and the Rio Grande river. In Austin, take a boat ride or go hiking with the youngsters at Lady Bird Lake. Wisconsin is also a good choice; the resort city of Lake Geneva has one of the largest indoor water parks open your-round. Whether it's summer or winter, vacationers of all ages can take advantage of these attractions. Parents can take it easy while their children play, or join in the fun.Why plan a weekend getaway?Using the weekend to get away is a cost-effective alternative. With just enough time to explore and rest, vacationers can take it all in without neglecting daily life for too long. Hit several destinations in a year rather than just one, and stack up the memories.