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Surfing Holidays: Top Destinations

The Best Surf Spots for Your Next Vacation

Are you a surfing beginner looking for some mellow waves to polish your skills or an experienced surfer aching to get back on your board and catch the ultimate wave? No matter what your skill level is, you're guaranteed to have an epic experience at these legendary surf spots.
Best Travel Destinations for Surfers

Best Travel Destinations for Surfers

These are the surf spots every surfer dreams of visiting at least once in their life - and for good reason. Put them on your bucket list (if they weren't already) and check out these recommendations to start planning your next surfing vacation.

  • 1. Oahu, Hawaii

    This list couldn't start with any other destination than Oahu - the birthplace of surfing, where surfing is a way of life. Beginners try their luck at the easygoing waves of Waikiki, while experienced surfers flock to the North Shore, which packs 36 surf breaks along seven miles of coastline with some of the heaviest waves on the planet. The world's best surfers come here to ride the world-renowned Banzai Pipeline.

  • 2. Santa Cruz, California

    While surfing originated in Hawaii, it boomed in California. Santa Cruz is an important piece of surf history: this is where the first waves of the continental US were ridden in 1885 and surf culture was created - the town has had a thriving surf scene ever since. Santa Cruz is a cold water surf destination with chilly temperatures, but rideable waves nearly every day of the year.

  • 3. Sayulita, Mexico

    Due to its various climates and coastlines, Mexico packs a huge variety of surf spots. Sayulita, located on the Pacific Coast, is known for its mellow waves, perfectly suited for beginners and anyone looking for a chilled-out surf experience. The former fisherman village has turned into a colorful, charming surf town with an abundance of art galleries, bohemian shops, hip cafés, and local street food vendors.

  • 4. Byron Bay, Australia

    Australia is home to the second-largest surfing population after the US - and countless legendary surf spots. If you have to pick just one, consider Byron Bay, one of the world's most iconic surf spots. This buzzing surf town in New South Whales is known for its warm water, consistent waves, and beautiful natural backdrop. Plus, it's a great place to hang out, with a lively fashion, food, music, and nightlife scene.

  • 5. Bali, Indonesia

    The Indonesian archipelago is made up of thousands of tropical islands featuring world-class surf spots. Bali is Asia's surfing capital, known for its perfect left-hand reef breaks. The island has a long list of world-class surf spots to challenge any surfer, but also plenty of mellow waves and beach breaks to satisfy beginners. Set within the lush Balinese landscape and enchanting Hindu culture, surfing in Bali is a magical experience.


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