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Spa Weekend Getaway for Couples

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Couple's Spa Weekend: Top Destinations

Planning Your Next Romantic Spa Weekend

One of the most exciting things to do with a partner is taking the weekend off and going on a weekend vacation. Spa weekend getaways for couples are some of the best ways to relax from a long week of work, enjoy some peace of mind, and reboot the entire body.
The Best Destinations for a Romantic Spa Weekend

The Best Destinations for a Romantic Spa Weekend

On a unique spa weekend vacation, couples will get the chance to indulge in their hobbies, spend time with each other, and find some inner peace. These are a few of the top spots suggested for a romantic spa weekend getaway.

  • 1. Canyon Ranch

    The Canyon Ranch is situated in the Berkshires, located in the state of Massachusetts, and it offers an all-inclusive spa in the Bellefontaine Mansion. This place is perfect for all the couples that want to be immersed in nature and culture while enjoying their spa retreat.

  • 2. La Reserve Geneve

    This majestic spa is located in the city of Geneva in Switzerland. With a stunning 20,000 square foot lake in front of the establishment, this destination offers its visitors endless amenities along with the view, such as a sauna, a hammam, and an indoor pool. Moreover, the spa is famously known for their "Better Aging" regimes which have been created by a team of doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and osteopaths to reboot the whole body and system.

  • 3. Schloss Elmau

    The Schloss Elmau is a charming resort nestled amid the Bavarian Alps. This romantic getaway destination has been home to many artists and authors as they claimed that the location nurtures and inspires the mind. Couples will get the chance to immerse themselves in music, art, and literature while practicing yoga, getting massages, or hiking around the scenic alps. This impressive resort has five spas, six restaurants, a concert hall, as well as three libraries, making it the perfect destination for couples.

  • 4. Borgo Egnazia

    The charming resort of Borgo Egnazia can be found in the region of Puglia in Italy. The resort itself was designed to resemble a traditional village of this region while including a modern version of a traditional ancient Roman bathhouse. The spa offers various treatments such as candlelit soaks, garden produce scrubs, music therapy, hair doctors, and scent masters.

  • 5. Chable Resort

    The Chable Resort can be found in the city of Chocholá in Mexico. This resort is a 32,000 square foot marvel with the characterizations of a 19th century Yucatan hacienda. Couples will also get the chance to admire the ancient Mayan ruins that surround the area while staying at the spa. Moreover, the therapies offered at this resort are rooted in the ancient practices of the area, including having a resident shaman, detoxifying sweat lodges, and full moon bathing.


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