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Road Trips: Top Destinations

Planning your Next Road Trip

Sometimes the best way to visit a new place is simply by taking a car and hitting the open road. Road trips allow travelers to go from place to place conveniently and efficiently, reach more remote locations along the way, and discover areas that are less traveled. These are just a few of the many benefits that come with taking a road trip. Moreover, whether travelers prefer experiencing bustling cities, visiting untouched natural landscapes, or exploring a rural historical site, travelers can plan the perfect itinerary, integrating all their personal preferences during their road trip.
Most Scenic Road Trip Getaways

Most Scenic Road Trip Getaways

Travelers will find some of the most beautiful sceneries, exciting activities, and interesting attractions while taking a road trip. These are a few of the most rewarding and exciting road trips to keep in mind for your next adventure.

  • 1. Monterey County, USA

    The Highway One is a route that follows the stunning California coastline starting from Los Angeles and goes all the way up north to Mendocino County. Nonetheless, the most beautiful scenery will be found on the Monterey County stretch of this route, passing through Carmel-by-the-Sea, the Big Sur coastline, and the Bixby Creek Bridge.

  • 2. Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Travelers looking to take a road trip in Italy will find that the Strada Statale 163 is the perfect route to take. This road starts in Salerno and leads around the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Amalfi Coast, giving visitors one of the most stunning and unique sceneries they could ever dream of. Visitors will be able to admire the crystal clear Mediterranean water, the stunning cliff sides, as well as the famous pastel houses of Positano.

  • 3. Les Calanques de Piana, France

    Another route that will bring visitors through a UNESCO World Heritage Site can be found in Corsica, France. The scenic route of the D81 road in Calanques de Piana leads travelers from Piana to Porto through the picturesque scenery of the Gulf of Porto.

  • 4. Flores Island, Azores

    For a road trip in a more remote destination, travelers will find that the Flores Islands in the Azores, part of Portugal, are the perfect destination for them. This island is found in the most western point of Europe and thanks to its remoteness, the island offers some of the most untouched and authentic scenery in the continent. Road tripping around the Flores Islands will allow visitors to stumble upon waterfalls, crater lakes, and green cliffs filled with flowers.

  • 5. Iceland's Route 1

    Many travelers already know that Iceland is famous for its untouched and beautiful natural landscape. The Route 1 starts in the capital city of Reykjavik and winds around east of the city. Travelers will get the chance to pass mesmerizing fjords, charming fishing villages, and magical wildlife.


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