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November Travel: Top Destinations

Start Planning Your November Travel Today

With its out of season prices, and the likelihood of less than stellar weather back home, November is often an enticing time for a vacation. Even better if you can take the family for a Thanksgiving escape, or enjoy some time with your partner. The question is, where to head?
Best Destinations for November Travel

Best Destinations for November Travel

As with any month of the year, November offers many possibilities for unique and enriching travel experiences. These are some options that always satisfy November travelers, and may well tick all your boxes.

  • 1. California Wine Country

    November is always a busy month in Napa and Sonoma, and it's a wonderful time to discover this year's finest vintages. Expect lavish festivals with endless tasters and workshops on food pairing, as well as events themed around other seasonal Californian delights, such as Mendocino's mushroom festivals. Book a villa in Central Valley, rent a car, and you're all set to visit as many wineries as you can manage. Day trips to San Francisco are always part of the mix as well.

  • 2. Disney World, Florida

    - When the weather starts to seriously cool off on the Eastern Seaboard and elsewhere, that's not an issue down south in the Sunshine State. So why not mobilize the troops and organize a vacation near Disney World to find some offseason sunshine? Schedule a trip before Thanksgiving (when crowds can really thicken) and the resort is likely to be fairly empty, and Mickey's Christmas Party kicks off at the start of the month as well, adding some early festive cheer that kids will love.

  • 3. Paris

    November is a great time to hop on a plane and cross the Atlantic, preferably to the French capital where there's sure to be a lot going on. While the weather is chilly, this is a brilliant time for couples to check out the Louvre, with its immense collection of masterpieces, or to have the romantic churches and bistros of the City of Light to themselves. Who knows, you might even get a section of the viewing deck on the Eiffel Tower for an intimate vacation photo. It's also just a brilliant time to experience the best of French culture, from ballet to decadent cheeses.

  • 4. Bali

    If you desire a tropical adventure (and who doesn't?) a trip across the Pacific Ocean to the Indonesian island of Bali could be in order. The island offers exotic temples, idyllic beaches, and more spas and wellness centers per square mile than anywhere on earth. You can join scuba expeditions to pristine wrecks and teeming reefs, stroll through rice terraces, shop at craft villages, and get to know chattering monkeys at family-friendly sanctuaries. Whatever you do, expect sun and super-warm temperatures.


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