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New Years Destinations

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New Year's Eve: Top Destinations

Make a break for something new this New Years

New Years is a time for excitement and the promise of something different and new. If you've started to find New Years at home is the same old same old, it may be time to take a New Year's Eve trip to one of the many exotic New Years destinations dotted around the world. The beauty of ringing in the next year in a new place is seeing how other cultures celebrate this ubiquitous holiday.
Best Destinations for a New Years Eve Trip

Best Destinations for a New Years Eve Trip

Every location honors the passing of the old year, and the coming of the new year, in their own specific way. That said, there are some New Years destinations that celebrate with some serious aplomb. The locations listed below are sure to offer enough novelty and excitement to reignite your passion for even the most stringent New Year's resolutions.

  • 1. Madeira Islands, Portugal

    If you're in the mood for fireworks, there really isn't anywhere else that compares to the Madeira Islands. In fact, the New Year's fireworks display here is officially recognized is the largest fireworks display in the world. Centered around the amphitheater of Funchal, a kaleidoscope of colors explodes as the clock strikes midnight, presenting a sky filled with flames exploding to a backdrop comprised of thousands of colored lamps.

  • 2. Sydney, Australia

    If you're the kind of person that has to be first, Sydney is the place for you. As the first major city to ring in the New Year, the location has a lot to live up to and does so with a massive firework display that has the added benefit of being set against the beautiful Sydney Opera House. In addition, January is during the Summer season in this part of the world, so you can also enjoy a warm midnight dip at one of the many beautiful beaches in Sydney.

  • 3. Vienna, Austria

    For those looking for some hidden gems, Vienna is a great place to experience New Years. If you're a VIP, you may find yourself at the famous Grand Ball of Hofburg Palace. If that's not your style, take a stroll down the Silvesterpfad (New Year's Path) in the historic center of the city, or take in the city's Philharmonic orchestra's New Year's concert on a massive screen surrounded by thousands of other revelers.

  • 4. Mount Takao, Japan

    Not all the wonders to be seen at New Year are man-made. If you're seeking a more nature-filled start to the year, a trip to Mount Takao in Japan is a great idea. Each year, crowds flock to its heights to witness the sun rising on a new beginning. Local priests perform an ancient rite known as the 'festival to welcome the light', filled with chants and sutras.


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