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May Vacations

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May Vacation: Top Destinations

Planning Your May Vacation

May is such a great month, as it's the eve of summer! It is the perfect month to get outdoors and feel the sunshine on your skin after months of gloom and cold.
Best Destinations for a Vacation in May

Best Destinations for a Vacation in May

Do you want to enjoy a music or beer festival? How about an adventure in the wild, such as at Borneo's Mulu National Park, home to exciting orangutans? Look through this list for ideas on where to spend your May getaway.

  • 1. Munich, Germany

    If the Oktoberfest entices you, then hit the tarmac this May to Munich for the Fruhlingfest. This Springfest allows you to put on lederhosen and experience the thrill of beer-filled steins and rides at the fair, only with fewer people, and you will probably find yourself a table way easier! Munich also has its version of hygge: ''Gemϋtlichkeit,' which you can savor in a pub garden or beer cellar. You can also enjoy a river surf on the Eisbach if you want to cool off.

  • 2. Lofoten Islands, Norway

    This Norway destination makes this list for the spectacular view of the archipelago, which is at its most breathtaking in May. This is the peak season where you will get a preview of a wonderful delight: the Midnight Sun, where the sun stays above the horizon 24 hours a day for two months! The drives and hiking opportunities in one of the most lovely destinations on Earth will make for a memorable May vacation.

  • 3. Sicily, Italy

    Kickstart this summer on the Mediterranean's largest island, Sicily. A May vacation in Sicily means that you get to take a stroll and marvel at the scalded volcano terrain and visit the scorched plazas in the seaside city of Syracuse. In May, the water that reaches your feet as you walk on the beaches will be warm, and the countryside's vegetation will make for an unforgettable sight.

  • 4. Bahamas, Caribbean

    The Caribbean must be on your dream vacation bucket list, and there is no better time to make the trip than in May. With the Spring Break visitors gone and hurricane season still a month out, you get to have your pick of spots where you can set up a lounge chair at Cabbage beach and relax. If you are up for it, you can splash around with a sow at Pig Beach! Also, take a stroll to the Farmers Market and see what local delicacies they have to offer.

  • 5. Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico

    This city is located in Mexico's Baja Peninsula, and is the best place to visit in May once the winter crowds have dispersed. You get to shop, surf on the Sea of Cortez, and enjoy a vibrant art scene in the San Jose del Cabo art galleries, after which you can try the hot dining scene.


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