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March Vacations

United States
United States

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March Holidays: Top Destinations

Places to Visit for March Vacations

After surviving the winter, treat yourself to an unforgettable March vacation to unwind and recharge. As the seasons get warmer and spring beckons, spend your March vacation enjoying balmy breezes or tanning on white sandy beaches. March is the perfect time to jumpstart your spring.
Best Destinations for a Vacation in March

Best Destinations for a Vacation in March

March offers the milder temperatures that free up many magical destinations from their frosty, off-peak periods. Such pleasant weather makes for ideal conditions for traveling and exploring wonderful places. Here are some of the best March vacation destinations.

  • 1. Miami, Floria

    Miami is the epicenter of fun. Its wonderful beaches and crazy nightlife create the ideal atmosphere for spring parties. Apart from partying, head out on an evening stroll and enjoy the exciting scenery, featuring Art Deco buildings at South Beach, and later marvel at the animal show on Jungle Island.

  • 2. Destin, Florida

    Located in the Sunshine State, Destin over-delivers with its attractions. It boasts warm waters, diverse marine wildlife, spectacular ocean views, and a beautiful beach, making it perfect for March vacations for families with kids. Take an ocean voyage as you enjoy the sun's rays and the view of the crystal blue water. Later on, feed dolphins and then head off to relax on the warm beaches with your family.

  • 3. Cancun, Mexico

    Home to cenotes and mesmerizing pyramids, Cancun is the ideal spring vacation destination. The warm March weather ensures you enjoy endless outdoor entertainment. For authentic Mexican fun, look out for the biggest equinox celebrations held at the popular Chichen Itza archeological site. As the sunlight shines, it mirrors an extraordinary sight of a snake slithering down the pyramid's steps, making for awe inspiring views that, coupled with traditional ceremonies, provide a memorable spring experience.

  • 4. Cape Town, South Africa

    Sandwiched between towering mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is a lovely place to visit during March vacations. Whether it's a family vacation or for spring break, this marvelous getaway has endless activities to explore. The great weather provides pleasant conditions for hiking Table Mountain, and the international jazz festival held in March is a joy to experience. Visit Boulders Beach and marvel at the sight of large colonies of penguins, or take an educational trip to Robben Island where you will have an informative experience as you learn the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the history of apartheid.

  • 5. Bermuda

    When you think of Bermuda, envision an island surrounded by striking blue seas. With its pristine sandy beaches and warm weather, the entire island feels like paradise. This picturesque, family-friendly island has countless fun activities to enjoy, both with family or friends, on your March vacation. Snorkel for a thrilling experience, or swim and dive in the crystal clear waters. Later in the evening, relax on the sandy beaches as you watch the shimmering sun fade off with a fiery trail on the horizon.


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