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Long-weekend: Top Destinations

Explore America's Best Budget Weekend Getaway Destinations

America's vast interstate network enables weekend warriors the ability to reach a number of fantastic weekend destinations on a dime. Travelers can head to numerous weekend getaway destinations in the United States - and have lots of memorable experiences with their family and friends - on a budget. If you're looking to have a wallet-friendly weekend getaway, America is the place to be.
Budget Destinations for a Weekend Getaway

Budget Destinations for a Weekend Getaway

The U.S. has great budget-friendly destinations for weekend getaways, no matter where you begin your trip. These destinations provide a fun escape for those seeking a little weekend adventure, whether alone or with companions.

  • 1. Atlanta

    Georgia is home to this great city, which is famous for its food, music, and fun atmosphere. Art enthusiasts love to go to the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center to see the works of some of the most talented and unique artists in the state. If you want to relax, visit the Stone Mountain Park or the Centennial Olympic Park, which has excellent locales for picnics and other family-friendly activities.

  • 2. San Antonio

    Explore the fantastic Mexican culture in this great city. Here, you will find a plethora of attractions, including the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and the world-famous Alamo, where you can learn about the region's history. Cycling lovers should consider the B-Cycle, an inexpensive bike rental program in the area. Do not leave before taking a meander around the River Walk and exploring its interesting history.

  • 3. Colorado Springs

    Apart from offering a range of affordable summer and winter activities, Colorado Springs is a great weekend getaway destination because you can easily access it from various parts of the country. It is located at the border of the famous Great Plains and The Colorado Rockies, giving it one of the most beautiful sceneries in the nation. At the Red Rock Canyon, you will delight in seeing the blushing cliffs at sunset.

  • 4. New Orleans

    Budget-conscious of NOLA come to the city to enjoy the great live music that artists play in the streets of the beautiful and lively city center. Since New Orlean is in the Mississippi Delta, tourists can explore the mysterious swamp before going for exciting airboat tours on its surface. Along the rivers, you will delight in seeing alligators, wild boars, and waterfowl. The Garden District is an excellent place for guests looking to shop and view the city's beautiful greenery and stately mansions.

  • 5. Portland

    For a memorable weekend getaway, consider Portland, Oregon's largest city. It is home to Washington Park, where you can take a walk around the stunning Japanese Gardens. Those traveling with children won't want to miss the children's museum on site. The unique beauty of the Pittock Mansion, dating back to 1909, is definitely worth seeing during your weekend in Portland.

Working for the Weekend: Labor Day Travel Forecast 2020 - HomeToGo

Working for the Weekend: Labor Day Travel Forecast 2020

What are your travel plans for Labor Day this year? After a tough and turbulent summer, there have been many changes in the way we think about work and travel. Zoom calls, road trips, and quiet local escapes have played a big part in what will certainly be ‘a summer to remember’. 

But what can we expect for the final holiday weekend of the summer? Who is traveling for Labor Day weekend? Where are they traveling? Are they bringing their work on vacation this year? HomeToGo asked these questions and more in its first-ever Labor Day Travel Survey of 425 adult American travelers, to learn more about how people are planning to toast to the Summer of 2020.

Who has travel plans for Labor Day weekend?

Chart showing number of travelers for Labor Day 2020

Almost half of the respondents are said to have overnight travel plans for Labor Day weekend (46%), while 37% are planning to stay at home. 17% of respondents said they have other upcoming travel plans.

Generational Differences Between Labor Day Travelers

Taking a closer look at the responses, Millennials are most likely to have travel plans for Labor Day (62%) while those who are 45+ are more likely to have plans to stay at home.

How far are people traveling for Labor Day?

Chart showing intended travel distance for labor day

The majority of American travelers are staying close-to-home this long weekend (65%), traveling under 200 miles or approximately 3 hours driving time. Only 16% are planning to travel 300 miles or more.

Top searched destinations for Labor Day 2020

Search Ranking
Occupancy Rate
Y-o-Y Increase in Searches
Outer Banks, NC
Cape Cod, MA
Pocono Mountains, PA
Lake Michigan
Smoky Mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains
Lake Tahoe
Finger Lakes, NY
Florida Keys, FL
Lake Travis, TX

*Based on HomeToGo internal search data gathered on August 21st, 2020.

Compared to last year, HomeToGo has seen more travelers exploring our site, an increase that corresponds with a 40% increase in overall searches for a getaway this holiday weekend. As highlighted in HomeToGo's Summer Trends Forecast, travelers are also showing more desire to visit rural destinations (+91% YoY searches) and less so for urban cities (+13% YoY).

Are travelers working during their vacation?

Workcations are becoming a popular trend among American travelers. Two-thirds of the total respondents said they plan to work from remote during their next vacation (66%). Among those who said they have upcoming Labor Day travel plans, 74% said they would be working for at least part of their Labor Day vacation.

Plans for travel budget?

When asked about their planned travel budget for their next vacation, 58% said they are planning to spend more than usual on their vacation this year while 42% said they would try to stick to a budget. Consistent with the notion that Millennials like to travel, 71% of respondents under the age of 40 said that they were likely to spend more this year, compared to Generation Xers (44%) and baby boomers (35%).

Click here to see the full 2020 Labor Day Travel Survey infographic.

Survey Methodology HomeToGo’s 2020 Labor Day Traveler Survey was conducted in the United States by HomeToGo between August 13-17, 2020, among 425 US adults between 18-70 years old.

HomeToGo Methodology: To calculate the search and booking data, HomeToGo examined its own metasearch data for searches and bookings with check-in date during the Labor Day holiday weekend (September 4-7, 2020) compared with the Labor Day holiday weekend from 2019 (August 30 - September 2, 2019).

Contact us to get the latest travel updates and insights via email or follow HomeToGo's Travel Forecast for a bi-weekly analysis of the results.

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